Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mother road 100 here I come!!!!
Many of my 100 mile race's I dedicate to friends or loved one's who are sick or passed away.
I also dedicate some of my hundreds to complete strangers who have died. It's just something I do. Ultrarunning can be a selfish sport. It's all about me the runner. I try to make it about someone else I try to think about someone else when I'm out there for so many hours. I want to try and touch lives and help people, through what I do.

This week I got a post to my blog from someone who goes by Anon-embarassed.
He was crying out for help to me. He needed my help. He is suffer from a drug addiction. I felt his pain I know what he's going through. He had no one he could tell and asked me for help.
I sat down and read what he wrote over and over.
I cried because I knew what he was going through.
I gave him the best advice I could. I told him to get help, and I also told him I would run Mother Road 100 for him this weekend.
I have been thinking about him since he posted to my blog.
He posted back thanking me for my advice and he did seek help. He also went out for a run and he decided to set a goal for himself and run a 50 mile race next year.

It made my life to know that I could help someone during such a dark and depressing time.
I may never meet you anon-embaressed, but I want you to know I care about you enough to run 100 miles for you, and to dedicate my run for you hoping this will inspire you to move forward, and stay positive. Anon you can run away from those demons just like I did 12 years ago.
Drugs steal souls but you can fight back and keep your soul...Don't give up the fight you can win.
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Jack said...

Bravo Catra, may your feet and heart stay light the whole way.

Debbie said...

This is a little meandering, so forgive me...

My dear friend is undergoing chemo for leukemia. And through her treatment, she has been giving us, her friends and family, not only updates but her insights. Her last insight was about Gratitude and how she could express her deep gratitude for all the help she has recieved. Her insight: She is In Gratitude for Everyone and All Life as a Statement of her Being. What a gift that is back to us.

Catra, I know you have gone through your own stuff and what you give back in experience, in knowledge, in wisdom, in fun, in comraderie, in joy, in inspiration... well, that's a gift to all of us who follow your trainings and races. I just want to thank you for that.

(Also: Anon-embarassed, I am sending you my strongest good will for your recovery and continuing greatness.)

Your Friend, Deb

Caren said...

Catra, I've only just come across your blog about a week ago, and I think you are way cool and quite an inspiration. Good luck on your 100 this weekend and Anon-embarrassed, best of luck to you too. I have no idea what it's like to go through what you're experiencing, but I wish you the best...and you've got this rockin' woman running for you!

anon-embarrassed said...

"Drugs steal souls but you can fight back..."

They only borrowed mine. I'm fighting back with a vegeance. I have no choice - with all the attention you've given me I could never let you down.

godspeed at mother road...

Sarah said...

You have a great spirit Catra! Sending positive vibes for Mother Road. : )

widup said...

God bless us all!!!

Feminist Runner said...

Catra, I swear, I am so grateful I found your blog. Best wishes on the Mother road --

Anonymous said...


Serendipity!! Anon surfed in and WOW! I'm interested in starting to run - any advice? Also WHERE did you get those shoes for your naughty maid costume - they're GORGEOUS...just like you.
xes and ohs
Universal Mutha

Randy said...

Hey gorgeous! You are an inspiration to us all! You are so genuine and care about everyone! Thanks for being you! Congrats on a great race this weekend!

Get ready for Yosemite! We are gonna tear it up baby!


Steve K said...

Great post. My best wishes for Anon-embarrassed. My brother has been battling the alcohol demons for many years. I think he's been clean for about a year, but there are many ramifications he still is dealing with. Catra congrats on a great finish and support for all the people you have helped. I was wondering how you can complete multiple 100s when normal folks are lucky to do one. Now I think I know the answer - good karma.

Steve K

Catra said...

Hi Brad thanks!!

Catra said...

Hey Debbie-

I hope your friend wins. I will send her positive vibes. What is your friends name??? I will run Quad. dipsea 28 mile race for her in a couple weeks.

Thank you for following me all your kind words they mean a lot to me Debbie. I want to thank you for always posting and having such nice things to say you rock girl!

Catra said...

Hey Caren-
Thanks for posting. I had a blast running MR 100.

Catra said...

Hey Anon-

I did it for you I kick ass :)
Stay strong my friend.

Catra said...

Hey Anonymus-
Thanks for surfing in.
The shoes are John Fluvogs. They have a web-site.

Have you ever run??? Do you run now???
Thanks for the compliment.

Catra said...

Hey Randy man-

Thanks for the wonderful & inspiring prayers. I tell you it's no something I always need before a hundred. And thanks to you for turning me on..ahh to crossfit. It has made a huge differance in my racing...
You + me= fun in Yosemite
Can't wait... I'm looking forward to doing some bouldering with you there to.
We are going to have fun no matter what!
Thanks for being such an awesome friend.
I love you for it!

Randy said...

Cat, you are the best! I am looking forward to finally getting to spend some time with you! If we get lost ;) we get lost! Woo Hoo! My pleasure turning you on... uhh... to CrossFit!

Catra said...

Hey Randy-

looking forward to spending time with you!! I'm going to make you HARDCORE weather you want to be or not!!!
Half Dome here we come!!! We're going to have fun being monkeys climbing in Yosemite!!!