Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm so outta here!!!!!

I'm leaving right now my friends. Please get those vibes ready and start sending them.

Zen card...The present
The past is over.
The future will
never come. Now is
the only moment that
will ever exist.
Therefore, live
each second to
the fullest..

This is perfect! That's how I have been running my hundreds this year since Wasatch. I have been running in the moment and not getting ahead of myself.

Have a beautiful weekend.
I think you can follow me on the Javelina 100 web-site. I'm #33
Peace out..
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mer said...

You Go, Catra! Thanks for coming to Arizona and showing folks here what running hundreds is all about! You're a Winner, Sister ~ Go Do It Again!!


Ultra Okie said...

rock on mamma!! kick some ass!!


Sarah said...

Best wishes, Catra! I'm sending some positive running vibes! : )

Scott Dunlap said...

Have a great race, Catra. I'll send you race vibes from the Helen Klein 50m. Looking forward to your race pics!


Anonymous said...

who takes all your pictures?

Feminist Runner said...

Good vibes, Catra!

anon - embarrased said...

so your message about drugs steal souls hits home. I built a beautiful life - a lovely wife, six figure income, large home in a swanky swim/tennis, awesome stepson...

then a shitty neighbor turned me on to coke. bump here, bump there --- next thing you know the guy we used to avoid became my best friend ...well, at least his eight balls did.

it progressed to eight-ball a day binges with recovery days in between as worthless as binges...

how did this happen? how did I happy go-lucky, everything going for him become a geeking f*ckin cokehead.

When my wife found a hotel receipt and thought I was cheating I had to admit that no honey, I'm not cheating - I sitting in hotel rooms hiding from the world and staring out of peep holes.

we moved. i took up running. training really hard and thought, "out of sight, out of mind" - and so it was - but it called me back.

to say my family is affected is an understatement. my wife is struggling to make sense of it and deal with this "private embarrasement" - my stepson is just confused as to why I sleep so much and disappear sometimes - and my life is again spiraling out of control...

I write this because reading your blog, your comments and what you have been able to do is inspiring. I write this because I again sit here in my office after no sleep and a nasty, nasty binge. I write this because I can't tell anyone else ...I can't share this with anyone.

I hope this writing. This blog. You, this runner ...can save my life.


Catra said...

Get yourself into a rehab right away.
I was arrest and scared stright. PLEASE GO!!! You sound so smart and have a great family don't lose it all.
Running changed my life. When you feel like using get out on a trail and hike or run and you will feel better. The high I get from running is way better than any drug I ever did. Trust me I know.

I know what your going through...You need to get help...I can tell in your writing you want to stop...Do it now before you loose everything.
Your addiction will eventually kill you if you don't stop. I lost a sister two years ago. She Over dosed on mixture of heroin & coke.

There is such a better life outside of drugs. You know that.
Each time I run 100 miles I tell myself. I have such a wonderful life. I am so thankful I quit drugs and got healthy.

Get help now and change your life you need to do it for you and no one else. I know you're ready it comes through in your writing.

I will pray for you and send you positive energy to make the change happen. I also am going to run for you at Mother road 100 this weekend. I am running for you and hoping you turn your life around.
Do it know PLEASE

Catra said...

mer thanks..I got em!

Catra said...

Hey thanks Okie Steve!
I had fun!

Catra said...

I got em!

Catra said...

Thanks I got them. I have to check the HK results. I'm sure you kicked ass!

Catra said...

I take all my own pictures. well most, even the running shots. I just set my handy dandy little timer on my digital ;)

Catra said...

Hey Renee-Thanks!

anon - embarrased said...

"I also am going to run for you at Mother road 100 this weekend."

- thanks. you have no idea what that means to me. you really don't...

but 'F' my depression and despair - I don't want to bring anybody down witha bunch of negative crap. Congrats on Javelina to both you and Xy.

Thanks for sentiment regarding Mother Road - God I hope you don't DNF - Then what will I do?


My day has already been improved - much respect.

Catra said...

Hey enon-embarresed-
You're not bringing anyone down. I'm only thinking positive for you!

I suffered from depression after quiting drugs. I learned exercise and eating a vegan diet helped me.

Stay strong! If I can get clean & sober you can too!!!

Yeah, I'm glad I can make you smile...
Hey you better send me positive vibes this weekend so I don't DNF.
Much love to you even if I don't know who you are.