Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is a painting of me. I beleive it was circut 1995.
I think the artist was a guy named Mike Anderson.
I've always wanted to put it up. I'm remodeling my room so I will hang it somewhere.
I was digging through my old goth threads, thats the outfit I'm wearing. Funny how I look better in the clothes now than 13 + years ago.
I would say it's the healthy life style change.

ZEN CARD>......Success
success is
not found in what
you have
achieved, but
rather in
who you have

This is so true..I love who I have become.
Have a beautiful day. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Well no smoking for three days. Time changes us all.

Shari Baby said...

wow - you still have clothes from 13 years ago ??

Randy said...

I love it! You are right. You do look better now!

Catra said...

Hey Todd-

That's awesome no smoking for three days. I'm proud of you, way to go. Keep it up :)

Catra said...

Hi Shari-
Oh, I have clothes even from close to 20 years ago.
I'm glad I saved a lot of stuff.

I even have a couple cute animal print jackets that were my Moms.
So those are way vintage.

I bet you're going crazy girlfriend. Taper madness :0

I'm happy I'm able to do some long runs again. A group of us are running 50k Saturday and I will run 25 m on Sundat! I will sending you and everyone else running CIM positive vibes. I hope the weather will be nice.

Catra said...

Hey Randy-
Thanks! You are one of the few who knows that for sure since you knew me way back when.
Have a great day see you at crossfit tomorrow.

Debbie said...

I think I am circa the same time as you and Randy. Did you guys ever hang out in LA back in the 80's or was it all up north? For me: weekends were hangin with my goth friend Kristy, each telling our folks we were staying with the other, packs of Marlboros (less than a buck), hanging out at the downtown clubs with our fake id's, sleeping in the parking lot of Art Center in Pasadena, eating a plate of fries for breakfast, going to painting class still in full evening emsembles, and dragging our asses back home. Every weekend. Four years of high school. Meeeeeemmorieeeeesss, la la la la la la laaaaahhhh...

kimcheemonster said...

circa 1995, you mean.

Catra said...

Hey Kimchee-

OOPs you're right!!! LOL..Thanks!