Sunday, September 03, 2006

Me glowing on Mission peak during my sunset run Saturday. :)
You're wondering what happend to my leg? I was working out with my trainer in the gym and tweeked my leg. My left area on the outside of my knee was sore. I just wore the brace in case it hurt to much. It felt fine with the brace.

What a beautiful sunset last night!
The thought card of the day.

The thoughts I choose to think and believe right now are creating my future.
These thoughts form my experiences tomorrow, next week and next year.
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squirrel_nutz said...

Hello Catra-

Another great photo...I have a question, when you head out up and over Mission Peak, down into Sunol and then back up and over, do you run the entire way on the climbs or do you do a run/hike combo? If the latter, any sort of time pattern, or just random?

I was behind a guy yesterday on MP that ran (fast) non-stop up from Stanford trailhead...crazy shape.

See ya around.

Catra said...

Hi SQ-

Sometimes I run the whole 20 miles and sometimes I walk the uphills.

I'm not running super fast I train to have fun & I only push myself during race's. I think my fasted time to Sunol & back is 4:42. It usually takes me 5-5 1/2 hours to run it.
I'm just out to have fun when I train :)

Tiny Seal said...

Good luck with the knee injury, Catra! Hope it goes away soon!

RunningYam said...

Hi Catra,

Nice Photo! I'm thinking what rock that you were standing on:-)

I ran from MP to Sunol and back yesterday morning (7-11am), including summit twice on Mission Peak. It was the same great view and solitude up there. I ran a little farther this time - half way between Sunol and Backpacker Camp.

I was trying to find the "pool" you mentioned in Little Yosemite on my way back, but only to get to a dark green cow bath tub and had to struggled through 100 ft field of the cow dumpings :-)

I ran alone and, unlike last time, met few cows. On two spots in Sunol, I had to climb over the fence. However, I was glad to see all the friend names on the sign book in Laurel Canyon Loop.

See you.


Feminist Runner said...

Awesome picture, again. This East Coast girl is always impressed by your landscape out there.

Catra said...

Hey Madhuir-

My legs fine now!!!

Catra said...

Hi Chihping-

The pool is on the other side of the fire road in the Canyon. Not sure where the heck you were??

What fench did you have to climb over???? And why??? Was the park closed???

Oh the momma cows are near Ohlone college right now. They are in the birthing pen. They are all starting to have babies. They keep them in that area so the ranchers can keep track when and who are having the babies.

I saw the first babies on Friday twins to momma 03. They were so cute!!!


Catra said...

Hey FR-

If you ever come to Cali. I will take you on a running tour.


Ultra Okie said...

great pic Catra. Looks like a postcard. Sure would be fun to be able to run trails with that kind of scenery.

RunningYam said...


There are two cattle gates sitting on two sides of a pave road when entering Sunol from MP. They were chain locked on 9/4, so I had to climb over it with my sore legs. This is sign #11 on the Ohlone Wilderness permit map.

It is my fault not able to find the pool :-( I did not study the map carefully, but only to run freely as my legs went. Hopefully I can find it out this week.

Momma cows may be more defensive or even aggressive when having babies, but I'll be thrilled to witness the birth. It's real, not the Discovery channel.

Btw, good luck and have fun on the great run Wasatch (and finding your pacer. I wish I could go)


Catra said...

Oh Chihping-

If you read the sign you would of known the park was closed. It was closed on Friday too(SUNOL). It is a huge fine. Were there people in Sunol????
Yeah when it's looked you have to turn around it means Sunol is closed. If you have this problem again don't hop the gates. We don't want the rangers to think we're bad people.
I have a very good relationship with them and they like us runners except when we hop gates.

It was closed because of high fire danger on that side.
We finally got them to keep Mission Peak open when Sunol is closed so lets not do anything to piss them off.

Hey I got two pacers so It's all good.


RunningYam said...

Hi Catra,

Thanks for reminding me the relationship with the parks. I did not see any fire danger signs on that day. The cattle gates around OT#11 were locked perhaps because there were no grazing activities at that time.

Thinking about it and having enjoyed reading the Ohlone Wilderness trail map/premit, I decide to carry my permit which I got from the Ohlone 50K this year.