Monday, March 02, 2009

Runners Mark your calendars for March 22nd. The Mt. Diablo trail 50k put on by save Mt. Diablo group will be taking place on that day.
I will be helping mark the course Saturday and running the race Sunday.
Please sign up the money goes to a good cause you can go to there website.

Busy weekend. Went to a play with Andy to see one of his coworkers preform in it, it was called Flea in her ear. It was great, super funny. I wish I remember the name of the theater it's playing at but it was in LA. Kinda near the Silver Lake area. If you live in the area do go and see it.
We took Rocky to Grover Beach Saturday on our drive back up North. It was his first visit to the beach. It was cool because we were able to drive right up on the beach. I have never done that. Andy also bought Rocky a cool t-shirt. Which has a skull on it.
Next we headed to my surprise..Sycamore hot springs. We soaked and got a couples massage. I had the best time. Andy and I were both so relaxed that after dinner we had to pull over before we made it to Fremont for a nap.
Did I mentioned Andy is the best..So thoughtful ;)
If your ever out in San Luis Obispo area, make an appointment for the Hot Springs and massage package. I recommend it
Sorry this is short post but I'm off to work. Have a great day.

Happiness and the Unknown

If your happiness depends solely on external possesions and circumstances, your boat, in the sea of life, will inevitably turn to the safety of the harbour over and over again and you will miss the joy of sailing towards the unknown. Lucy MacDonald

WOD 3/2/2009


Complete 75 power snatches for time

5:24 (40lb)


Shannon said...

It sounds and looks like you had a great time!

Jon said...

Seeing Rocky always makes me laugh. I can only hope my insane puggle dog will eventually be my friend (instead of the destroyer of souls that she is now).

mer said...

Nice to see you and Andy hanging out. You look happy together. Love those shoes, girl! What are they?

Mike Bitton said...

Hey hey, it's Andy! Great to stumble upon you and the Dirt Diva! I'm an official follower now. Hi Cat!