Saturday, March 21, 2009

Encourage Others

Take every opportunity to give others encouragement. Lucy MacDonald
Today we had fun marking a section of the Mount. Diablo 50k trail race course. It was Mike, Jerry, Me, Mylinh and Joe we were out around 5 hours.
We missed the rain.
Hopefully it will come tonight when we're asleep.
Wish me luck tomorrow going to run the 50k race. I am actually going to run the whole thing with one of long time friends Jim Winnie. It's gonna be fun.
Oh and let's wish Andy Kumeda good luck too, he's trading in his trailrunning shoes for the day ,to run the First Pasadena marathon ;)
Me acting like a goof ball ;)
You can't even see Mount Diablo!


Shannon said...

Good Luck Girl!

Remember...positive thoughts!

Kelly @ said...

Hey Catra --
I found your blog via You seem like one badass lady (I mean that in the best way possible!) I'm new to running (virgin marathon this summer in seattle) and am kind of hoping to become new to ultrarunning as well. Most of the ultrarunner influence I've seen so far has been entirely male, so reading your very female blog has been a huge boost for me! Thanks for putting it all out there!