Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY....Kiss me I'm Irish..well half ;)

I did a short 3 mile run easy felt great except those damn blisters.
I'm still in LA LA land..Riding that high...Damn the hundred mile fix is the best drug ever ;)

Today at crossfit we did the "Horrible Hundred" ..Was it horrible???Hell yeah, harder then running a hundred. Running is fun crossfit is fun, but it's hard work ;)
I love how strong crossfit makes me feel. Core strength is key to crossfit. I am always working my core. Running will not give you nice abs crossfit will.
I am tapering for my next race this weekend I will be running Mount. Diablo 50k. If your free Sunday I suggest you run it, the money goes to save mount Diablo a nonprofit group.

WOD 3/17/2009

"Horrible Hundred"

Complete the following for time:
  • 25 Deadlifts (215#/173#)
  • 25 Squat clean and Jerks (125#/83#)
  • 25 Thruster (75#/53#)
  • 25 Overhead squat (45#/33#)

** Use one bar for the entire workout, stripping weights for each movement**
** The rx'd men's 45# bar will loaded in the following order to start the workout: 15# plates, then add 25# plates, and then add 45# plates **
** The rx'd women's will be 33# bar loaded in the following order: 10# plates, then add 15# plates, and then add 45# plates**

You are shooting for 10 minutes or less in this workout. my time 7:49 did not RX


Shannon said...

Move real close to the screen...."muah"....

Have fun at Diablo.....

triguyjt said...

awesome Catra!! congrats

maxpower said...

Happy St Patricks Day from a real Irish guy, you have a cool blog keep it up :)

Snakebite said...

"Kiss me I'm Irish"

Mark the spot!