Friday, March 20, 2009

It is never too late

It's never too late to have a happy childhood. Walk in the rain, collect rainbows, smell flowers, stop along the way, build sand castles, watch the moon and stars come out, say hello to everyone, make up new rules, go on adventures, act silly, take bubble baths, hold hands and hug and kiss, dance, laugh and cry for the health of it, feel happy, say the magic words, and trust the universe. Bruce Williamson
Today I didn't run just went to crossfit. I will be marking the course tomorrow for the Mount. Diablo 50k course that I'm running Sunday. My plan is to run with my good friend Jim Winne on Sunday. it should be fun!

"Bizarro Cindy"

Complete as many rounds as you can of the following in five minutes:

  • 5 chest to the bar pull-ups
  • 10 ring push-ups
  • 15 overhead squats with a dowel
  • Rest exactly 2.5 minutes

Repeat two more times for a total of three rounds (20 minutes)

Continue the count for the next round where you left off from the previous round.
I did 12 rounds + 13 squats.


*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

I will def try this one.I love Cinduy and usually kick ass.I have made up a "Crazy Cindy" where you do the same WOD but add 200 m sprints in it.Good stuff.
my WOD today was 1000 m row,10 DB cleans (20#),60 parallel dips(I cant do ring dips so had to do modify it,getting better at these)20 walking lunges,20 pull ups.(assited with band.This was modified for 10 L Pull ups which I dont quite have yet) my time was 15:20...dumb dips took me forever...but thats ok.

aNd! said...

Just came across your blog. Would love to pick your brain about ultra running, crossfit, and nutrition. Have fun on your run this weekend!

Michelene said...

Awesome! Exploring cross fit. I cannot do one pull up, but am modifying. Can't wait to workout today!

jgirl said...

Hey Catra! haven't been by your blog it a while. Looks like you are doing awesome! Good vibes for your run. Take care. Thanks for being an inspiration :-) You rock girl. ~j

jgirl said... the pink kb's, did you paint them yourself???

Catra said...

Hey Jgirl-
I got them for x-mas and my friend painted them for me..I wanted pink ones and that's what I got ;)
I love your blog. So much cool info. I am book marking it now.
Take are and thanks.

Nick said...

Love the streamers in the hair.