Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Move Into the Present

Set yourself free from the past, bring peace into your life, and move into the present by letting go of your anger and bitterness.
Lucy MacDonald

My run started out great didn't look like it would rain, but within 10 min. it started pouring.
I slogged through the mud I did a short 4.5 miles on Mission Peak and did 200 squats 50 at a time. Just for fun.
I was having a great time..Until my camera fell into a puddle ;( I was bummed but remembered I bought the 3 year service contract with Sony. Since the last camera I had I sent it in for repairs 2 times each time it cost like $80- 100 bucks.
I will send it off today for service, so for now I won't be taking any pictures until I get it back.
But I have tons in my folders :)

Lesson learned I should use my gorilla pod instead of sitting my camera on a post. And don't sit it on a post surrounded by water.


B.Gill said...

i have a waterproof and shockproof camera that i bring with me out on the trails. it's an olympus and has worked great, never have to worry about it dropping or getting wet. just a thought in case you're in need of a new one.

Undersharing said...

I feel your camera pain - somehow I've never gotten a camera so wet that it breaks (amazing because it rains more here than in Seattle), but I've gotten sand into the moving lens bits and killed the last one that way. I'm saving up to get a Pentax waterproof camera for my next one - no external moving parts and waterproof!

If only Apple made a waterproof laptop I'd totally be set. I'm going to be using dry bags for a while!

Smithposts said...

Good luck with your camera! I dropped mine recently...on concrete. Needless to say, I now have a new camera :-)

Anonymous said...

looks like those pretty yellow shoes are dirty now! Sorry about your camera. Our youngest was trying to make a movie and dropped ours on the lens side and broke it. Mike bought a new one and it is pink!! The pink ones were on sale cuz they weren't selling well!