Friday, March 06, 2009

You can see big changes happening all around you -- but those that are going on inside you are a little harder to figure out. Now is a good time to sit quietly and reflect to get a better sense of where you're headed.
I had a beautiful run today. I headed out first to go see my chiropractor Dr. Drew I had him work out some kinks to get me ready for C2M. Tonight I have an appointment with my massage therapist David Ledesma to work on me. I should be ready to kick some booty next Friday ;)
It was cold when I started but I warmed up a bit on my climb. Today I decided to start from Ohlone college instead of the Mission Peak parking lot. I wanted a change of scenery and it was a great choice I must say. My plan was 3-4 hours. I ended up with 12 miles and 3.5 hours of running time. The peak was windy and cold on the approach I put my jacket on and never took it of again during the run. I saw only two people. A hiker and my favorite ranger Neil.
I love how green and beautiful Mission peak is this time of year. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to live here, and am able to enjoy this beautiful wilderness on a daily basis.
I took my time and just enjoyed being alive, and breathing and just being one with nature. I am excited about training again. When it rains everyday ,and I have to run. I loose the excitement, but I know being uncomfortable is part of building up my body and mind. It will make me stronger so I can take on any challenge.
I didn't even wear my ipod today..I use it all the time and thought, no! Not today, just me and the music of nature.
I started my run sad and worrying about all my financial stresses, but finshed with a positive open mind.
Tomorrow will be my last long run. Myself, Mike, Julia and maybe some other friends will run 20 miles.
We will start from Ohlone college staging area at 8am so if anyone wants to tag along let me know.
Well next up crossfit , enjoy the rest of your day friends.

WOD 3/6/2009

3 rounds: 3 min each, 3 min rest between rounds
  • Rd 1: Max reps of shoulder press for 3 minutes
  • Rest 3 min
  • Rd 2: Max reps push press for 3 minutes
  • Rest 3 minutes
  • Rd 3: Max reps push jerk for 3 minutes

If you rest more than 3 seconds between reps or rack the bar, you must complete 5 burpees before going back to the movement. Entire workout is 15 minutes long. Same weight for all three rounds (65#/45#). Score is total reps in all three rounds.

A reminder about the Diablo 50k don't forget to sign up

Plenty of room is available in the inaugural Diablo 50K. The event is on Sunday, March 22.
Things are drying out here in northern California after about a month of nearly constant rain. The fabled wildflowers around Mt. Diablo should be in full bloom by race day.

For those of you familiar with Mt. Diablo: the race does NOT go to the summit (in case that dreaded thought was preventing you from registering for it). It runs along the south side of the mountain; a point to point course on the newly christened Diablo Trail.

Buses will be provided to the start from Walnut Creek and there are showers at the finish. Live music and plenty of food will be at the finish.

To learn more about the event and to register for it go to this website:

The registration fee increases on March 18.

Hope to see some of you there.

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Evan said...

"I started my run sad and worrying about all my financial stresses, but finshed with a positive open mind."

I hear you on that one. I am in the same boat. The older I get the broker I become. I always thought it would be the opposite for some reason.

Hope you have a fun 20 miler tomorrow. I will see you at the C2M next sunday. I will be the scrawny Alaskan cheering you in.