Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Five of Swords Tarot card of the day::::: The Five of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in the upper hand. I can outwit or outlast and I choose my battles wisely. This puts me in a superior position. I know when it's time to hold, fold, or walk away. I am a survivor and am not easily defeated. I am empowered to gain the advantage by turnabout and my virtue fair play.
Do the these eyes tell you the story?? I am debating on making my move out of the warm dry car, to the cold wet and fierce weather of the outside.
Of course I got my ass out of the car :) This is my last training week for my next 100 miler. So I need to do as my trainers at crossfit Oneworld would say "SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP" I did just that and went on a 5 mile romp along the Quarry lakes/Alameda creek trails.
Asyou can see it was just me and the ducks...They were all paired up must be mating season. Seemed everyone had a partner. It was fun watching them waddle around.
It poured the whole entire time. But after I finished and changed it stopped for a little bit. It's coming down hard now.
I went to crossfit and got my booty kicked just like I always do. My hands are still wrecked. from "Fran" and my arms where sore from "Randy" yesterday.
It only makes you stronger..Right???
WOD 3/3/2009

There are several options for today's workout:

Option #1-
Complete 30 muscle-ups for time

Option #2-
Complete 60 jumping muscle-ups for time

Option #3
Complete 90 pull-ups an 90 dips (ring or bars) for time

I did option #3 time 9:13.
Thanks to coach Will who always motivates me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,

Yes, you are strong, woman!! That's what is so great about you.....strong inside and out and an inspiration to both women and men alike!

I did the 20k Pacific Trails run in Oakland on Sat and saw Jolynn! I am stretching and swimming this week to recover a bit and next week.....Crossfit!! I am determined to focus on CF even if it means to cut back on running and all the other stuff I do.

So, see you at the box!!


jb said...

you're awesome. i couldn't face the rain in oakland this morning. 10 miles on a treadmill. no iPod. that's worth something, right?
i'm backpacking point reyes this weekend but training hard for the AR50...hope to see you on the trail someday!

Victoria said...

"Suck it up, Buttercup"= might be my new mid-race motto.

Nick said...

I like it, and will steal it for my new mantra when I am Crossfittin' and runnin'.

My hands were no where near as tore up as yours were and it kills just to grip the pull up bar.