Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Future

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

This is why I run...I don't want to be that girl in the top picture she was someone who had no dreams or desires...I was lost and all I thought about was drinking , doing drugs, partying and going to clubs. I was so lost.
I never thought that girl in that picture 15 years ago would turn her life around an become,

The girl in this picture.
Sure , life is a struggle and I am being tested from time to time. Only to become stronger and to never be that lost little girl again.

Our past is part of who we are, I have no regrets about who I was back than. I am just happy that I went through what I went through. If I didn't become a drug addict and alcoholic I would of never become a ultrarunner.

It's ok to dream big..That's what I do. I love life now and live to the fullest.

Please send me positive thoughts this Friday when I start Coyote 2 moons 100. I hope to finish in under 36 hours. Andy will be going for a 28 hour finish so we won't be running together send him positive thoughts too.
Have a great day.


Jon said...

Good luck to you and Andy!

Have fun at C2M and let us know how the pre-race bowling game goes!

Catra said...

Hey jon-
thanks so much ;)

rand(om) bites said...

Loving your blog hon! Sharon from My Madrid Marathon linked you on one of her posts recently - http://madridmarathon.blogspot.com/. This post made me smile in particular, coming from a similar place. Have fun with the C2M!

tj said...

Thanks for the blog, it's inspiring. That love for life you have is priceless. Go get it at

Catra said...

Hey rand(om) thanks so much for the post. Glad you like the blog girlie ;)

Catra said...

Hi Tom-
Thanks so much for the kind words. I will go kick some butt at C2M

jb said...

Aw Catra, nothing like those demons! People say that running like I do is unhealthy, and I wish they knew what the alternative might be. We all have our dark sides, it's just a matter of where we direct them!
I will definitely be thinking of you guys out on the trail. Have fun and try and get some sleep between now and then ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,

Good luck at 2 Moons. 100 miles!! Wow!! You never cease to amaze me.....Best of luck, will be sending you positive energy. Great to see Andy's face on your blog again!

See you at One World,

Tri Mom said...

Good luck to both of you, and safe trails! I can feel all of your positive thoughts and mental thinking in your blog posts! Go out there and enjoy the days! Can't wait to read your race report.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...


plain and simple.

good luck to you this weekend!

JMC said...

I think that you have became a runaddict and a lifecoholic...

My best wishes for you an Andy o your race, you are great..

good luck..

skinny latte said...

Great post, you should be so proud of yourself for how far you've come. Wise words too, about accepting the past and who you were back then, words I should heed.

Good luck and have fun at the C2M!!


Shannon said...

Thats why I love you, your a women who has overcome adversity to only come out the other side and suck the beauty out of everything you see.

Good luck Friday~you'll do great!

Nick said...

I am still perplexed as to how you manage to everyday throw a lot of influence into my life. I've never met you!
I'm training for ultras, Crossfitting, and staying positive every day.
I think you are doing what you are doing in your life for a reason. You send these messages, but it is up to them to take that positive message and Run with it. I know I have.
Best of Luck at C2M. Good vibes will always be coming your way.

mer said...

CatraCatra ~ Grateful you're in my Life. Go pour out Heart at C2M. Love and Vibes your way for all good things.

Stuart said...

You have definitely blossomed into a beautiful person inside and out. Good luck this weekend, I know you'll rock it and see you in a month at LD50!

Mountain Goat said...

Catra..I will be thinking of you, Andy and a few other of my Ultra friends out there at C2M and I'll keep you in my prayers for a safe and rewarding run. I sincerely mean this..anyone who runs these races deserves a medal in my book!

Anonymous said...

That lost girl was also a beautiful, kind-hearted person. But those who knew her then, are so happy you are more beautiful, stronger, growing and loving life today.

The angel was always inside, now she just gets to come out an play more!

May the trail be your friend and the stars your guide. Good thoughts being sent to Catra!

ReriVeritas said...

You are so inspiring! I always get lifted up when I read your blog.
Warm fuzzies to you on your run. I know you'll do amazing.
You are a real hero!