Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I paced Andy to a great finish at Miwok 100k. He ran 12:13. He wasn't happy with his time but I sure the hell was. He had some major issues but he dug deep. I am super proud of him.
It was a blast crewing and pacing.
I may of not been the best pacer in the world, but I kept him moving.
It's all about the journey.
Me pacing Andy
Andy having fun for a minute ;)
Andy not to happy but still moving.
it's almost over :)

Even the slightest change in your diet can generate a new body and a fresh mind. Avoid eating anything today that creates conflict in you. Observe how instantly your body manifests a gratful feeling.


SLB said...

Nice job, what a great team you are.

Ron Little said...

Hey, Catra, it was cool seeing you at the Bolinas Ridge aid station. I was a volunteer doing traffic control when you and your friends pulled up and asked a question.

I was also a pacer for Prudence L'Heureux except she outran me and had possibly her best race ever.

Congratulations to Andy and all the runners. It was an amazing day.

David Ray said...

"Andy not too happy but still moving"

I love that. Nice.

Sebi said...

Congratulations to Andy!

It's all about the journey - I agree.

Sunshine Girl said...

Look how happy you look!

Kim said...

Great teamwork! Congrats to both of you. And Catra - I love your quotes. They always teach me a little something or at least make me think! Thanks for always posting them. Take care.

JeffO said...

Wow, very very impressive job. It was only a few years ago that I started ultras. Andy is progressing fantastically well!
But of course - he has a great coach!
Don't let him talk bad on his performance. He rocked! And he'll keep doing way better. There's plenty of time for that.

nicole said...

hey catra,

I haven't looked at your blog since I left for my first ultra. Caution: oddly conicidental stuff to follow...
Seeing the pics of Andy looking less than happy reminded me of the time we had last month. I had a blast. The beau was going to pace me and coach me through the whole thing. Turns out he had a hard time of it and I was the motivator. Our time blew, but it was a good day for me to learn how strong I am after all and to remind me that I'd rather have a crappy time and help others than stress out over getting a PR any day.
The next weekend I was with people in Cincinnati for the Flying Pig Marathon and the Bodies Exhibit (you blogged about it a while back) was there. You're right, it's amazing and beautiful. I would not have noticed and gone to it had I not read that particular blog (sorry, I don't read all of yours).
Today I'm doing my first crossfit. He says I'll be an addict after today.
I think sometimes we runners, trail runners, ultra people live parallel lives. Or, in our quest to explore and experience this big world we find out how tiny it is. Or, we're a buncha stalkers. Ew.