Thursday, May 22, 2008

You never stop repairing and renewing yourself. You must absorb the light and shadow of each day you live. Don't keep your spirit stuck in yesterday as a new day begins. Prayer is process.

How fitting is that card for me today. I pull it and it makes total sense.
Today I took a bit easy and ran with Rocky 3 miles. My bladder feels much better. Thanks to everyone who was concerned. To those who don't know it has been an ongoing issue since 2002. In 2006 I finally went to the doctors for it after ending up in ER after WST 100. I saw a urologist for my problem. They did many test and a cat-scan. They determined everything was healthy inside and that I just need to drink more water when I race. Even though I think I'm drinking enough I need do keep drinking. I really felt I was drinking enough at Ohlone which I was. But there was a point at mile 18 I ran out and had to go two miles before I got water, It was just that 25min. without water that will cause it for me. So by mile 43 I felt it coming on. I did however keep it under control and it only got bad the last 12 miles. And it did get worse after the race. I feel better now. In the past using d-mannose really helps and I need to remember to take that a week before each 100 mile race. My doctor said some woman runners are just pron to getting them. I'm one of them. My friend Julia is to. In fact she was running Bishop 50 miler Saturday and she got one around mile 40 and thought to herself Catra has to be getting one too out in the heat. She was right.
I will hopefully be heading to Yosemite on Saturday Morning for a Half Dome run. Looks like there might be thunderstorms so I will get a early start to make it up before1pm. I hope everyone has a fun weekend of running.


olga said...

I feel your pain on this bladder thing. Once I got it - I keep getting it, not as bad as yours (besides Op50 in March) and may be not as often (but then again, it's hotter where you are), but I did hear once you have it - watch out!
Loved the previous post for Andy. Can't wait to see both of you in a month! Oh, and I sent an email to where we discussed - no response yet. I'll keep you posted.

rick said...

Hey no problem on the aid at Ohlone. It was our pleasure. Wish we had gotten it set up before you and Andy came through. As it was you still came through faster than a lot of people. Take care in Yosemite.

Catra said...

Hey Olga we can't wait to see you either. Just a FYI there is a lot more snow than last year. That kind of worries me wet feet and slow going. I prefer the heat so does Andy . You will do fine because you are use to the cold ;)
Take care see ya soon.

Catra said...

Hey Rick thanks Yosemite should be fun. I go pretty often so if you ever want to go let me know.

GB said...

Hey Catra, I love the polka dot shirt (it looks like an Anthropologie shirt). Glad you're feeling better!

If you are serious about me pacing you for a bit at Rio Del Lago, I'm going to do whatever I can to work it out so I can be there for you! I'd be a 1,000% HONORED! Just let me know and I'll get working on things right away.

Keep my email handy, gbl623 at charter dot net.

Victoria said...

One of my good friends had a big UTI problem for years and very recently went to a nutritionist who told her to try cutting out a whole bunch of stuff (random stuff, like garlic) and it cleared up and she's been UTI free without meds...garlic free too, which kind of sucks, but she's happy about the lack of UTIs. Perhaps you have already tried this, but just thought I'd throw it out there, because UTIs are not my idea of a good time.

Sunshine Girl said...

Yay Catra!
Nice work on your 100mile adventure! It's always good to have the support of the friends out there,too....specially your honey.

Happy adventure-ing!!!
Leslie of Banff

*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

I understand the UTI thing. I used to be prone to them very badly when I was a teenager. I also ended up in the hospital because I ignored the UTI signs and ended up with one killer kidney infection.

Anyway girl have a blast at Yosemite. Looking forward to pictures. I think also...we need a Rocky blog, with lots of pictures :)

See ya:0 Michelle that shirt by the way!