Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It is such a beautiful place. All the waterfalls were flowing there too. We saw so many hikers and Backpackers on our run. We did a out and back towards Tiltill valley. Tueeulala, Wapama and Rancheria falls were beautiful. The wild flowers were awesome.
Some times is better just not to ask. I bought this duck in Yosemite for Andy and took him out on our run Sunday.

I'm planning on doing the run from Hetch Hetchy to Yosemite in July it will be a 51 miler since we will summit Half Dome. We will meet in the Valley and carpool. Let me know if anyone is interested so I can plan more.
Mile, Linda, Jerry and me. Jerry ran the 25 at Quicksilver the day before and placed second in his age. Linda ran the 50k. They are both heading to do the Inca trail in a few weeks.
Linda and I being girls we didn't want to get our hair wet..LOL


GB said...

Hey, I know Linda! She lives near me. What a very nice lady she is. It's such a small world, isn't it? :)

Catra said...

Linda and I have done many crazy adventures together we met in 1997 and been very good friends ever since. She is amazing and crazy like me that's what I love about her.
See you at Ohlone.