Friday, May 16, 2008

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves & twigs, I skip down the trail and run against the wind.
I did my supply drop this afternoon in Sunol. I saw and talked with EBRP police officer Pete. He was just making sure I was ready ,and if I would need anything. I swear the rangers & parks police are so good to me here. If it wasn't for them approving my wacky behavior, and crazy miles of running I like to do out there, I couldn't do it. I love all those guys & girls.
Headed out for a 3 mile run to test the legs and the heat. Felt good, I'm ready to go :)
This is the map of where I will run 100 miles all around and up and down.
Just pausing for a moment and thinking of my Mom. I carry a picture of her sitting on this very spot of trail in Sunol. I wish she was still with me I really miss her at times like this.
I know she will guide me safely to the finish line. I hope to be finished around 2pm Sunday. Good luck to all my friends and everyone who will be running the Ohlone 50k this weekend.
Please send me positive vibes during the run. Thanks!


Judi said...

Rock it Catra. I always get teary when you talk about your Mom. Sending tons of good vibes from Cincinnati. :)

Ewa said...

I got up half an hour ago and my firs t thought was that you must be already running. Hope it is not too hot. Yesterday I was on the mountain around 5am and it was already close to 70F.
Good luck and have loads of fun.

CoyoteGirl said...

You're probably out there right now. Thinking about you and sending many good vibes your way!


Larry L said...

Good luck, Catra. You absolutely rock. I'm pullin' for ya this weekend and hope you have an amazing run. Namaste.

okdrtguy said...

Oh how i wish i had a calling in life such as you do, you really motovate me catra. Keep Running!!