Monday, May 12, 2008

Images of Yosemite my weekend trip.Mike crab crawling down the snow.
My friend from 03-04 a true Yosemite Big wall climber. Nick Martinez. He was hiking a load to the base of a climb he is doing on Half Dome. It has only been climbed once he will be doing a second accent that will take two weeks. He will solo it. I am so in ahh of Big Wall climbers especially guys like Nick who solo. That means they climb the route basically twice. They put in gear ,climb a pitch, rap down and jumar back up. Crazy I tell you those guys are so BAD ASS!!!
Beautiful Nevada Falls.
Hikers heading down the Mist Trail.
I ran into one of my trainers from the Pose cert. I went to at Newport Beach crossfit. This is Rookie he was having his bachelor party in Yosemite. It's a small world I saw 4 people who I knew or who knew me in Yosemite that day.


Larry L said...

Catra - Great pics. Yosemite is absolutely awesome. Being a former climber, I can truly appreciate the magnitude of the solo trip Nick is doing. Thanks for sharing!

David Ray said...

Second the great pics! Makes me want to travel west.

Sergio said...

Yosemite, what can I say. I travelled from my home country (Spain) 3 years ago to the west coast, and one of the mandatory stops was Yosemite. I just ca't describe what I felt being there.

As a runner, I know I have to come back to that place to run all those paths and hills.

Thanks for this post.


Catra said...

Hi Larry Thanks.
You are welcome. Nick is pretty amazing he has done some really badas stuff. He climbs routes then base jumps off of them. I checked out his myspace and he has some cool videos of what he does.

Catra said...

Hey david thanks you should travel west. It's a beautiful place ;)

Catra said...

Hey Sergio if you ever come out here again let me know and I would happy to give you a tour.