Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MORE IMAGES FROM MY OHLONE 100 MILE RUN....Sunrise from Mission Peak.
The little buck who followed me for a few miles heading to Sunol
Me standing on the Seahorse tree.
Me managing to have fun heading to Del Valle in the inferno. It's all about keeping it fun.
Johnny's Pond , along the Ohlone trail


runrgrrl7 said...

Congratulations! you did it again. You are amazing.
Guess what?? I sent my RDL 100 mile registraion yesterday. Time to get busy!!!I need all the advice you can give me! :)


GB said...

You know what, Catra, I am still in awe of you! What a woman! I was so so happy to see you come across that finish line. And you looked great for having just completed 100 miles in that CRAZY, CRAZY heat. I know if it had been cooler, you would have made your original time goal, and as it was you were very close. In any case, you inspired probably the entire field of 50K runners that day. And you certainly brought some much needed cheer my way when I saw you and Andy on the trail. You guys were like a Godsend!

Way to go out there. Very, very impressed!!! I really hope to join you on a few runs over the summer. I forgot to tell you that in the first few minutes of the 50K I met your friend, Fast Jerry! Very cool. :)

Rest well, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!