Monday, May 12, 2008

Yosemite is really my home away from home. I love this place so very much.
Mike Palmer and I headed out at 4:45am on Saturday morning our plan run Half Dome on Saturday ,and camp out near Hetch Hetchy on Saturday night, and hook up with Jerry and Linda for a run around HH.
The conditions were perfect and warm around 80 degrees. The trail was of course crowded, but that's ok we ran past everyone. I love trying to pass all the hikers. Let me tell you though, there are a lot of pretty fast hikers.
The falls were in full force. Vernal was raging and so was Nevada.
There is always a cool interesting mix of people going up, and coming down. The shoe choices always seem to amaze me. I see flip flops , platforms, dress shoes and I have even seen a girl in a low heeled pump. This time I saw a girl in plastic slip on shoes. I doubt she made it far. If she tried to go up the cables there would of been a death that day for sure. BTW the cables weren't up but the conditions were fine to go up if you had the right shoes and gloves.
I have gone up with cables down many times before, so I'm fine with it. I am smart about it, and if the conditions are bad I would never go up. Last November we were there and it was foggy and damp, I made the choice to not summit for the 55th time that day.
I was determined to make it to the top to celebrate my 55th summit and Mothers day. I also wanted to give thanks to my Mom, and Andy's Mom for giving birth to us. Even though they are no longer with us on Earth, they are in all the beauty I see.
I was on the top in under 3.5 hours at a casual pace. I stayed for maybe half hour talking with two guys who were up there for the first time.
We were lucky to be up there just us 3. Mike didn't climb it because he didn't feel safe with the cables down. The cables will be up for Memorial day.
I spoke with a climber who was belaying his partner they were on the North Face route. They finished in 3 days. They thought they were finished but realized with the snow on the ledge it would be one more pitch to make it safely to the summit.
There was a couple snow fields one going from the bottom of the steps, and one just below the slabs before the cables.
This place always takes my breath away. I am so in love with it's beauty. I am but a small insect to it's large universe.
I love being on the Summit you can see forever. I reflect on top thinking of how many 1,000s of miles I have run and hiked out there.
If anyone is ever interested in a guide when going to Yosemite I would happy to be the one.
Make sure you get to Yosemite at least once in your life time.


Old Man and mid pack runner said...

Awesome! yep, need to make a trip, I'll add it to the list of stuff to do. Thanks for all of the great photos.

GB said...

Great pictures, Catra. I haven't been to Yosemite since last summer, and we'll go back again this summer (of course when the crowds are too thick). My parents don't live too far from the valley so it's just a short trip for us.

I ran part of the Ohlone 50k course yesterday with Danny Bringer. Oh my, it was just TOUGH. There is so much I take for granted as a road marathoner. Climbing trails take so much more energy, mental mettle, cajones! At times I felt like I was doing hundreds of squats at the fastest possible pace. OUCH! I really enjoyed my run, though. Being up there made me feel close to God, and to Mother Nature.

I have new and utmost respect for all of you ultra trail runners!

Damon said...

I completely agree with you about Yosemite. It's a magical place and I wish I could visit more often.

My family and I are staying there for the week before Western States this year. My wife will be climbing while I taper for the race and hang out with the kids. She's planning to do the Regular Route on Fairview Dome and the East Buttress of Middle Cathedral. She's not up for a multi-day big wall climb yet, but these are two classics I'm sure she'll love.

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Congrats on honoring your mother with your 55th summit (wow!--I think I've to the top only once so far, but hopefully as my kids get older it can be more regular). Looked like a beautiful day--thanks for the images.

Catra said...

Hey Old man-
I'm glad you will add it to your list.

Catra said...

Hey GB-
I read your blog. You will do fine atthe Ohlone 50k.
Yes it will be harder than a marathon but that's why you're doing it, to challenge yourself.
I will see you at the finish. Remember to have fun ;)

Catra said...

Hey Damon-
Lucky you it's a beautiful to taper. Oh your wife is going to half a blast. I love climbing there that's where I did my first climb. Snake dike on Half Dome.
Have fun when you go.
I will be at WST 100 pacing.

Catra said...

Hey Mark thanks it was fun. Hey awesome job at Miwok 100k.
I think your running Ohlone so I will see you when you blast by me. I will be doing my 100 mile solo thing.