Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Are you fully aware of the presence? Call upon the power of the Divine to awaken its healing force within you. Be grateful for this miracle.
No I'm not trying to steal this painting. But it is cool.
Andy and me under a waterfall in San Fran.
Scary statue attacking me in SF.
Andy was visiting since Friday and left today we had fun. We stayed in downtown SF. Friday until Monday morning. We spent Monday and Tuesday night at my house. Andy had to work Fri,Mon. & Tues. in SF.
We at least were able to spend a little time together during the day. We went to How Weird street fair Sunday that was fun I will post a story and pixs on that tomorrow.
Andy will be back up in 9 days to pace me 48 miles on my Ohlone 100 miler during the weekend of the Ohlone 50k that's going to be fun.


Judi said...

I love downtown SF. I used to live down there. You guys look great!!

Catra, go check my blog out. Finished a marathon on Sunday and now I am starting to look forward to longer trail runs. 50k in Oct.

*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

Sounds like you had a blast.
I am excited Ohlone is approaching fast. We are going to stay in Livermore the night before so we dont have to drive down at 4am. We hit up the trails this past weekend and did a 13 miler for our 13th wedding anni. and it was gorgous out there.....You are very lucky to have that as your backyard.

See ya soon!

Sunshine Girl said...

Is the Ohlone 100 Miler a Catra creation? An extra special run??

Jay said...

Hey Catra,

Have fun at the Ohlone! I recall that you had to skip it last year because you were on the PCT.

tall_jason said...

You look great with your hair down. You seem to always have something in your hair or have it in pigtails. Let it down more often for your photos. It works for you!