Thursday, October 01, 2009

Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.
Bo Bennett
Congratulations to all my graduating Get Fit students you guys are all awesome.
They raced a 5k for graduation that Whole Foods put on.
They all did great. You are all winners. They loved all the goodies thanks to Whole Foods, MOEBEN and Zombierunners. They loved their gifts.
Notice they all wore their MOEBEN sleeves.
After the 5k my happy group that I teach every Tuesday and Wed. rest up gang class starts again on Oct. 14th I promise to make it harder. :-)

WOD 10/01/09

3 Rounds for time of:

Run 400m
5 Thrusters(m135#/w95#)
15 Pull ups

my time: 9:43


Anonymous said...

I have to know where you buy/who makes your running frocks. I'm not going to bite your style or anything, but I need to rock my own steez on the sidewalks when I run! Right now, I am in the market for a gold lame running skirt. I've looked all over the internets, but nothing really stands out. Pls. email me at

Thank you!

smita said...

Hey Catra, I saw your post on the umlimted site, awesome blog!! Let me know next time you go to mission peak and do your Catra's Chaos wod, sounds killer! I've never been to mission peak, sounds challenging!

chr15 said...

People are always saying to me that they 'admire' what I do to keep fit. I say it is just what I do, running biking and stuff, it is a great way to get out there, keeping fit is a product of that.

Then I say that they can do it too.

Sometimes they try sometimes they don't. Those who do often reap big rewards, but not as big as the satisfaction it gives me to see them out there or to run with them.

I bet you are proud of your students and the work you do. I'm sure it's a whole lot more than running.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all!!!!!
Where do you get those cool arm warmers/sleeves? Thanks

Catra said...

Hey Smita-
I usually run in the morning before crossfit but we can go whenever you want. Let me know and we will do the wod :-)

Catra said...

Hey anon- is where you can buy the sleeves.

Anonymous said...

What a woman of an attitude! You now that your attitude IS sexy! Anyway, but what's an attitude in the theoretical sense?