Sunday, October 18, 2009

A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.
Patricia Neal
Who says you need legs to keep you moving. This is my badass friend Wheelchair Bob. He doesn't let being in a wheelchair stop him. He has done the Ohlone wilderness trail, many trails on Diablo he did a 48 mile day on the Iron horse trail and even has done White Mountain peak. He has been on trails in Yosemite and all around the Bay Area. He will be even attempt a first ever wheelchair climb of Kilimanjaro next year.
So the next time you're complaining in a race or on a run remember Wheelchair Bob, that's what I do. This guy motivates me!!!
You don't need your legs just a strong mind and determination. You are amazing Bob :-)


whatcouldgowrong said...

i have visually impaired friends who run trails, marathons and ride centuries. they are one of my greatest inspirations.

Chad Sayban said...

Bob sounds hardcore! I'm sending all my best wishes to him for his upcoming climb.

Eudemus said...

Awesome! Bob is a hero of mine as well. I met him out on Ohlone a couple of years ago before he made his third (and successful) attempt to summit White. Listening to his tales of what it takes to tackle these trails in a wheelchair taught me what real perseverance is about.