Monday, October 26, 2009

LOVE WHAT YOU DO...............
If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple: Know what you’re doing. Love what you’re doing. And believe in what you’re doing.
O.A. Battista
Ok so I didn't reach my goal of over 100 miles But I ran 97 miles at the SF 1 Day and several hours later after a nap and taking care of some stuff, I took Rocky out on a 3 mile run/walk to make sure I completed 100 miles. It took me 33 hours but I can add another 100 miler to my books :-)
I did it for me and no one else. Running 24 hours of flat is harder then anything else I run all year. It is the challenge that keeps me coming back.
I had stomach problems and major sleep issues. My knee was bothering me. I was a lot slower then I had planned.
My BF Andy also didn't reach his goal of 115 miles he barely made 100 miles. The funnest part of the run was spending it with him. We ended up hooking up together after I reached 40 miles I think and stayed together all the way except when I ran off and was faster for a couple hours.
we enjoy suffer together it's fun.
Thanks to everyone who sent messages that really helped. And thanks to Ron for showing up with his Family and making that awesome sign. And thanks Ron for running some miles with me. We need to get together for a run at some point. You Rock :-)
I am feeling a little trashed today so I will rest and not do crossfit like I planned. I did take Rocky out but I ran for like 10 min. and had to walk the rest of the 25 min. we were out.

photos by Rick Gaston


Anonymous said...

Great job!
It's OK to take a day off once in a while :-)
you make me seem lazy!


Chad Sayban said...

97 miles is a great total. The timed races really do mess with your head a lot more than the 100 milers. It's such a mental game to keep going. Nice job!

PunkRockRunner said...

We're still blown away by all of the amazing athletes on the course and it was an absolute pleasure running with you. I was also happy that my friend Sheri was able to finally meet you. She's seen you at some of the events but never said hello.

I was so inspired that I have already "warned" the family that I plan to start running Ultras and I'm looking into some trail runs in December.

All the best!

Alaskan Assassin said...

Congrats Catra! Great job out there. I followed along all night and am happy everyone did awesome and had fun.

Catra said...

Hey Art I know LOL...I met Brett the guy that holds the JMT record he showed up to say hi to Michael Popov and me.

Catra said...

Ok Ron pick your poison and I will take you to the darkside :-) how about I run with you at your first Ultra???
Thanks again it was fun. I really want to take you on a 20 miler up Mission peak. Let's keep in touch and maybe in two weeks.
Sheri seemed super nice hope to see her again at an ultra.
I have a feeling next year you will be running the 24 hour race :-)

Catra said...

Hey Evan-Thanks for the email and well wishes. Suzanna and Brian kicked ass. Amazing mileage those two ran. Whats next for you??

Catra said...

That they do Chad they mess your head :-)

Alaskan Assassin said...

I am running Luis's race in Santa Barbara next month and then the HURT. Hopefully we will run into each other before January.

Suzanna and Brian were amazing. I am for sure the weakest link on that team. I guess they just need a token Alaskan. Ha!

Congrats again!

AB said...

Congrats on your finish. Going in circles for 24 hrs is really tuff.


PunkRockRunner said...

No need to post this link. I just wanted to let you know that I've posted the photos to my Blog

I look forward to running with you at some point.

All the best.

chr15 said...

Yeah! great job Catra.

While we were out running a paltry 10 miles on Sunday morning (you were 17hours in at that point) I said to my wife "I'm considering trying an 'ultra'" she gave me THAT look!

Thanks for sharing :)