Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do it Now!

We have to stop procrastinating, pretending that we have forever to do what we want to do and to be what we long to be. If we think that we want to become better and more loving human beings, we had better start moving in that direction right now. Lama Surya Das
There are days when I wanna be lazy. And there are days that I want to, but I can't :-) Today was a can't day. It was a 10 mile run day with a crossfit WOD along the way .
These crossfit WOD/runs are tough. But I feel strong when I'm done.
I decided today to run Alameda creek trail and every 10 min. of running I would do an exercise.
I think some people would have a hard time doing a workout like this with all the people around.
I know they look at me kinda funny when I stop and start doing burpees but oh well. Ask me if I care?? I don't it's for me and makes me feel and look good.
The workout took me just under 2 hours.
Of course had to throw a little climbing in there. Enjoy this workout alone or with a friend.
Just get out and have fun.

The WOD run 10 min. , then do an exercise in between
you can mix it up but here is the order I did.
Bench jumps
frog jumps
handstand push-ups
squat jumps

and then repeat. I did 25 reps of each exercise


*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

Kick ass, as usual.

Nick said...

Good for you. You are awesome for doing a WOD/run together.

Remember: Today is not a Dress Rehearsal for Tomorrow.

Shannon said...

Awesome workout!

I'm stealing this one. :)

Jonah said...

Thanks for getting me out on a run this morning. I was going to skip it but then I saw your quote that says, "Do it now" and so I did it.

One week 'til Mt Wilson!

Anonymous said...

I'm motivated by your workouts and races. Great job! But I'm so impressed with your photo taking. What's the deal? Tripod? Timer? Someone else taking them?

Always good stuff here. :-)

CoyoteGirl said...

Cool! What a great workout. You have to teach me to do a handstand someday.

slowrunner said...

greetings from canada! i too stole your workout! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

We have a workout that I programmed for some runners at work who needed a little extra. Speed work combined with the 25 reps at the end of each cycle. I named it Shana's Minx after one of the folks I train.

As an aside Catra, I need to extend my thanks to you. If it weren't for your blog, I would have never found Crossfit and all of the fantastic people in this community. Because of your presence in the world, I am now zoning, crossfitting, rediscovering my latent strength, increasing my fitness by doing more in less time, I've dropped 30 lbs on my way to 60 lbs total ,and I now have 10 people that I have brought into the XFT fold. Yes we made a decision to do it, but you were the spark and I thank you.


Catra said...

Hey Jason-
Thank you! That is why I'm here to inspire everyone to learn or try something new. I am so glad that you are really into crossfit.
One day I hope to be a trainer. I have my level 1 cert. and 1 specialty cert. running & endurance. Just need to wait to I move down South to go to the next level.
I love it almost as much as I love running trails ;-) have a great day.

Catra said...

you can have it Shannon ;-)

Catra said...

CG you just go up against the wall and lower yourself down and push up. I can't go all the way down I'm not strong enough. But I go half way :-)
I will show you in person someday.