Monday, May 11, 2009

Be Yourself

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fun times were had at the PCT 50 miler Saturday. Andy and I ran the whole race together ,or should I say he ran it with me :-) I'm much slower than him so I really enjoy the fact I have an awesome boyfriend who will run with me at races.
We decided to just take our time. Our goal was 12 hours. We did finish in under 13 hours so we we're happy. We would of like to have been faster but it was just a week since we ran Miwok 100k.
We felt great the whole way pretty much. Andy go a blister and I got a small one too.
We didn't eat enough, so Andy had a little slump. The last 7 miles I had a mini melt down. That section goes on forever and I just wanted to be done ;-)
It was hot but there was a breeze so it felt good. I would take the heat over the cold any day.
It was great seeing so many friends out there and all the volunteers were awesome.
The race was very well organized considering they had to move the race to a different course a few days before the race. The RD John Martinez did an awesome job.
For being able to pull it together when it was on the verge of being canceled.
It was awesome training for SD 100 since it was 50 miles of the course.
Just want to thank Andy again for always inspiring me to do the best and push harder. Happy to say no one passed us the last half of the race :) Or maybe one did. We did pass a lot of runners the last half.
I get a few weeks break from racing. Running 40 miles Saturday training ,and next big run is my solo Ohlone 100 miler which is the same weekend of the Ohlone 50k. I finish my last 50k with the race.


Karen said...

Great job on the race.. I was sending good thoughts your way this weekend.

Name: Mom, Jennifer, Jen, or Jenno said...

are you running your solo 100 then san diego 100?!! wow, you are truly freaking amazing :)

Jo Lynn said...

I hear ya! I'll take heat over cold any day.

Catra said...

Hey Jen- yes, I am running my solo Ohlone 100 miler should be fun !!!