Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Slow Down

Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast-you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. Eddie Cantor
Had a busy weekend. Did a fun run on Friday with Maria and her husband. ran a total of 12 that day. Love running up the Mt. Wilson trail.
On Saturday Rocky, Andy and came out to cheer all our crossfit friends and running friends on at the race.
I can't wait to move to Sierra Madre hopefully in October, that's the plan. I love all my friends from the crossfit elite fitness academy they are all awesome and amazing.. They had a strong showing of like 60 runners at the race.
Saturday we had a BBQ it was small and nice. We actually invited a lot of Friends, I was very disappointed at the ones who all said they were coming and did not show or call and cancel. People there is a reason we sent out an invite a few weeks ahead, and you either say your coming or not. It's just rude to not show up and not call or email to cancel. Andy would of bought less food had we known that many who RSVP did not show up.
Sunday we did the LA Marathon expo thing. Saw my good friend Shannon who is amazing not only as a runner, Mom and wife but the CEO of her very successful moeben company. If you don't already own the sleeves you need to get them they have uva protection from the sun. They come in very cute styles. She is also making leg sleeves I got a couple pair love them.
Andy ran a fast LA marathon time 3:28 pr for him way to go.

Busy week for me here is my wod from yesterday enjoy.

100, 200, 300. g0!

run 6 miles
100 push-ups
200 squats
300 sit-ups
time 69:09


PunkRockRunner said...

Congrats to Andy on a super fast day at the races. I have a pair of the Moeben's and love them. I wear them on my runs and bike rides. Sorry to hear about the light BBQ turn-out but I hope you enjoyed the company of those who did attend.

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Get used to the LA no-call, no-shows. It's typical in LA. Totally rude, totally unacceptable.

Sarah S said...

catra, great to see you this weekend... I HATE WHEN PEOPLE FLAKE... there are very few things I dislike more... I feel your pain... glad your real friends showed up... ;) ... see you round!

Snakebite said...

Not to second guess you and not knowing all the particulars, but are you sure you want to give up NorCal for LowCal???

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I know where you are coming from about people RSVPing and then not showing up. My wife and I put on things at our house quite often and it really stinks when people say they are coming and then don't.

The move to Sierra Madre sounds exciting!