Monday, December 08, 2008

All is evolution, all is cyclical, therefore endings lead to new beginnings. You cannot begin without an end. If you cannot let go of the past then the past constantly recreates itself. Look now to the future and the paths to your goals will again become clear. Obstacles or limitations will be surmounted and lost or forgotten opportunities will again be presented. Success is now within your grasp but realise that to maximise that success new ways, or new methods, could make life so much easier.
© Stephen Haynes

Team Workout-Crossfit 12-07-08

Complete four rounds for time of:

  • 7 box jump ladders
  • 7 medball clean ladders
  • Run 200m
What's a ladder? One person does a rep, then the next person does a rep, then the next persondoes a rep, etc. After everyone has done one, the first person then does two reps. Go all the way to seven reps. Fun stuff!

Team Catra and Steve 24:04

I had a blast working with Heather at the atalanta skirt booth sold tons. Happy to see many old friends and new ones. Me and this beautiful girl in the picture go way back like 16 years. This is Shari Keener she is an amazing Mom, runner and all around badass crossfit trainer. We have been emailing back and forth for the past two years but this was the first time we met face to face in 14 years. She looks amazing we both made it out of a very bad drug phase. We are very lucky to be healthy and in great shape. It was because of Shari and her x-husband I found my way into crossfit. Thanks Shari for inspiring all us woman to keep in shape.
She ran the Marathon and hopefully she kicked butt. I am working on bringing her over to the darkside to run an ultra.

I met Leslie back in July at the SF marathon expo. she was doing the half. CIM will be her first marathon I'm sure she did great. She is also a crossfitter too.

Michelle, Me and her hubby crap I forget his name..It will come to me. But they both ran the marathon hopefully they kicked booty. They are also crossfit badass's from Davis.

Complete five rounds for time of:
  • 15 push jerk (M:95#/W:65#)
  • 15 L pull-ups
  • my time 14:41
  • sub: for L-pull up Jumping pull-up with knees to elbows.
  • 2 mile easy run


BGill said...

so THAT's why you help out at these marathon expos. you're trying to recruit new ultra runners! keep up the good work girl.

leslie said...

Hey Catra -- it was great seeing you at the Expo. And guess what? I qualified for Boston at CIM with a 3:58:05!!! An ultra in my future? Perhaps...

You are even more fun and sweet in person than you are on your blog! Have a wonderful week!

voodoo child said...

congrats to both you and shari on all of your accomplishments, you're both AMAZING people. Are you getting geared up for the birthday challenge?!? I can't hardly wait!

renrunner said...

Hi Catra, I've been reading your blog for two years now and I love it. I hardly ever skip a day of reading it. I thought it was about time I left a comment. I never even heard of an ultramarathon till I started reading you're blog. This year I ran my first one, a 50k. It was great. Thanks for the inspiration.

Catra said...

Hey BGill-
You got it I want everyone to run an ultra at get into crossfit too!

Catra said...

Oh Leslie-
I am so proud of you I knew you would do it! You are Boston Bound now and after that make sure you run a 50k too.
You are an amazing woman. I'm sure your family and friends are proud of you. I know I am.

Catra said...

Hey Voodoo Child-
Yep I am. Need to post my plans on my blog this week. 44 freaking hours is a long time. It sucks getting old only because I have to add an hour every year.

Catra said...

Hey Rerunner-
That brought a tear to my eye..Really, That's all I want in life is to help people realize they can accomplish what ever they put their heart and soul into.
My Motto "Live Life-Love Life"
I have these words tattooed on my wrists it reminds me of who I am and where I have been.
Thank you for posting and awesome job on finishing your ultra. Hopefully our paths will cross one day on a trail and I can give you a hug.

Chris Hosmer said...

damn, you girls are hot!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to all the expo's from now on.

Jeffro said...

It was a pleasant surprise getting to meet you at the CIM Expo. I should have thanked you then for inspiring me to push myself harder than I ever thought was possible. I used to think I had to save myself for my next run so my strength workouts were few and they weren't very tough. Then I read your blog. I can't say I'm a crossfitter, but I do use a lot of exercises I've found there and I'm a better runner for it. I had a pretty good run Sunday, running a 3:31:26 and taking another 6:10 off my marathon PR. Thanks and Best Wishes.

Shannon said...

Your awesome!

renrunner said...

Hello Catra. How time flies. I started running in 2006 and that's when I started reading this blog. I went back thru it today. Brought back memories of my own. I had posted in this section in 2008. Almost forgot that I did. Even though I haven't ran in a year because of a injury, one day I hope to return. Still hoping to run into you in a ultra-marathon someday. Keep on running and inspiring me! Joe(renrunner)