Sunday, December 14, 2008

A friend is someone who, upon seeing another friend in immense pain, would rather be the one experiencing the pain than to have to watch their friend suffer.
And sometimes both friends suffer together.Andy and I ran Twin Peaks 50 miler every step of the way. We were a team through the Good, bad and the ugly weather he could of left me and finished in 11 hours but he was a true friend and true to his word. He promised weeks ago to run with me and he did. We both suffered and helped each other until the end 15 hours later it was cold, foggy and rained almost the entire race. Very few finished. I came 2nd Place woman woo hoo.
Thanks to Jessica for putting on the race, and all the wonderful volunteers. and to my boyfriend Carl who was there for me and was a huge help in lifting my spirit both times I saw him.

Try not to force the situation or force a resolution. If you would just wait a moment more you will be shown, or find, exactly what you are looking for. Try to use more inner guidance, in other words, your intuition or gut-feelings. You should now be evolved enough to know that you don’t always have to have all the answers or know the future in advance in order to attain success and avoid failure. Trust in yourself and the universe and everything will turn out as it is supposed to.
© Stephen Haynes


mrjwhit~ said...

Sister, I know where I saw your beau's name. It was on the Crossfit Atlanta blog. They have him down as teaching a running session April 25-26th

Glad to see you did so well at Twin Peaks. I am learning more about Pose. It does seem like a great way to run.

maria_oneworld said...

First of all, you've got some 6 pack abs, girl! Wish I had that.
Secondly, you should have freddy link your site to OneWorld.
See you back at the box!
Maria "Nice Twin"

Tyger Lily said...

Hi Catra,

I am new to your blog and I just want to tell you that you are very inspirational! Thank you for being you. Seems like you have come a long way and you know what's important. How easily we forget. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I hadn't read your blog in a while, so I was really bummed to find out that you and Andy broke up, because he seemed perfect for you. I'm glad though that he's still friends with you, since I'm sure it must be really hard for him.

Good job at Twin Peaks. Hope to see you at a race down here soon.

ikes said...

15 hours! wow. i did the 50k and waited around at the finish for a while to see some 50 milers come in. none did, and i was tired and needed to get back to san diego. what a brutal day, huh?

Stuart said...

Congrats on finishing and placing and kudos for running as a team. I remember seeing you a couple of times through the cloud and time I'll take my jacket and not leave it in my drop bag!

Are you going back in February?

Catra said...

Hey Maria thanks...Maybe if you told Freddy he would ;)
I will see you next week since it's closed this weekend and I am running all day Friday.