Monday, December 29, 2008

Take all opportunities to break old habits and old patterns as this is a time of rebirth and re-invention. Sometimes patterns are hard to change so perhaps the easier way to is to discard them altogether. Certainly there will be mini-endings and beginnings around this time, so don’t hold onto the past, allow new situations to be drawn to you and to flourish. Evolution, like the passage of time, is not within our control. So go with the flow and allow yourself to be guided.
© Stephen Haynes

WOD 12/29/2008

"Heavy Randy"

Complete 75 power snatches for time. (M:95#/W:65#)

I didn't do it heavy but I used 44# I need to really work on the snatch. The last time I did this I used 42# and it took me 16:42. Today I did it in 11:06 I should get below 9 min. next time. I did improve a lot in 1 month since my last attempt so I'm happy.
Tomorrow Carl and I will do a 9 mile Mission Peak run all for time of course. I can't fool around like I like when I'm running with hi. It's all about speed ;)
That's ok good to push once in a while.


Danni said...

What did you use that was 42# Seems random!!! :-)

Stuart said...

I am just catching up on the last three or four posts, you look so relaxed and happy, here's to more of the same in 2009!