Thursday, December 04, 2008

Strength.................Persevere and direct your energy towards your goals. If you do this and truly believe in what you’re trying to achieve you will be given the power to succeed. Sometimes obstacles should be seen as a test - pass the test and overcome the obstacles and success will be in your grasp. If you are feeling challenged right now examine whether it is due to misunderstandings or perhaps a mistrust. Opportunities will arise to resolve your situations.
© Stephen Haynes

Today we did "Micheal" at crossfit. I was pretty happy about my time. It's a tough workout, but all crossfit workouts are pretty much tough. I also ran a short 3 mile run.
I am doing a run with Andy Kumeda in Auburn starting from the Damn overlook at 8:30am planning on running 30-40 out to to Cool and part of the Cool course. so if you wanna join, shot me an email on my blog or
I will be working the CIM expo. on Saturday so stop buy the atalanta booth to say hi and buy a cute skirt.
Good luck to all my ultrarunning friends running the marathon. Also good luck to Lisa Ohlson running her first marathon.
I will do a recovery WOD in my hotel tomorrow after my long run. And hopefully Carl will plan my WOD for Saturday. he will be in Oklahoma with BMack for a cert. have fun.


Judi said...

i am glad you are running w/ andy!

CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Catra! Have fun at CIM this weekend.

Looks like you've been burnin' up the CrossFit go girl!

LittleB22 said...

I LOVE that watch you are wearing in the middle pic. What kind is it??

Catra said...

It's a Sunnto vector. It's a great watch I love it! It has lot's of fun stuff on it.

Catra said...

Hi Judi-
Yeah, Andy came out and we ran we had fun.

Julie said...

Hi Catra. Did my first crossfit workout today and got my butt kicked, but I loved it! Thanks for posting the links to crossfit so your readers could get even more motivated to give it a try. Here's hoping I can walk tomorrow...