Monday, December 22, 2008

Speak or act with negativity, and pain follows. Speak or act with a pure heart, and happiness follows.

Be mindful of being positive in all you say and do. Know that each of your thoughts and deeds has the power to heal you- and those around you- so watch them closely without judging.
Beautiful Sunol
Well at least I found a present for Bigfoot...
Size 21 feet!!! These are the biggest shoes I have ever seen in my life. Whoever fits in these, if they step on me they would squish me like an ant.

Crossfit WOD
500 abmat sit-ups for time


mrjwhit~ said...

Great day, Carta. Those look like mutant shoes.

CoyoteGirl said...

Whoa! Huge shoooooes!

Merry Xmas Catra! Looks like you're fit and health and have avoided the dreaded holiday sniffles.


Victoria said...

In case I forget to say it tomorrow, have a fabulous birthday! May you have a year filled with long runs, hard crossfit workouts, lots of laughter and love.

Chieko said...

Ha! I thought they were for Carl and that you were calling him Bigfoot.

Kelly S. said...

Happy Birthday, Catra! From another forty-something that feels like I'm not a day over 20...okay, maybe 25 ;) My son's birthday is tomorrow - the big 5!

Stevo said...

Have a Merry Christmas... and a Happy New Year. Hug those you love... even that little doggie. Take care, Stevo