Saturday, December 06, 2008

Let balance be your watchword, for every win there is a loss and so it follows that every loss begets a win. Unforeseen changes and unexpected occurrences will ultimately be favourable. It is easy to say, and yet powerfully true, that when faced with a problem the best way through is to deal with it. Running away or avoiding problems only brings them back later on. The law of balance is an immutable universal law, so understand that the ebb and flow of life is an intrinsic part of our strength and character building.
© Stephen Haynes

No hands bridge in Auburn
American River canyon area
WST trail near Ball baring.
No Hands bridge.

I had a great run with Andy K. Who says you can't be friends with your X. We have both moved on and are great friends we had a blast running together on Friday. It was cold and crisp at the start of our 30 mile run. It got nice out once you were in the sun. There were very few people on the trails so we were alone most of the day.
We sorta got lost but I did pretty much know where I was going. We didn't have flashlights so we went back a different way just in case it got dark. I didn't want to make us go extra miles in the dark ;)

I downloaded the new version of Picasa on my laptop and am still having issues so pics. are not perfect. Gotta figure out a few more things so I can work the new program.
Worked at the CIM expo. today had a blast. I will post pics. later and a story about that tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow runners.


Jo Lynn said...

That picture of the bridge with the trees and the water below is just breath taking. Postcard perfect!

BenB said...

The friendship with Andy shows a lot of maturity, and the bond that ultra runners have with each other. Way cool Catra. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, keep posting!