Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Let balance be your watchword, for every win there is a loss and so it follows that every loss begets a win. Unforeseen changes and unexpected occurrences will ultimately be favourable. It is easy to say, and yet powerfully true, that when faced with a problem the best way through is to deal with it. Running away or avoiding problems only brings them back later on. The law of balance is an immutable universal law, so understand that the ebb and flow of life is an intrinsic part of our strength and character building.
© Stephen Haynes

Busy morning took off from crossfit today ran 2 miles anddid ab work and squats. Got my hair done that was the most important thing today ;)
Gotta start getting my stuff together for this weekend. I leave Thursday to fly down south to Carl's place.
I need to write up my plans for my b-day run this week to. Mark your calenders for Dec. 19-20 I will start my 44 hour run at 4:30 and finish at 12:30 44 hours later.
Today is just one of those very busy days ;)


Shannon said...

Getting that hair purty for the boy maybe? I'm glad your taking some time off, well sort of.


Sarah S said...

Happy Birthday? Happy Running!
Cute hair :)

Mountain Goat said...

Well Happy Birthday Dirt Diva! I've been "lurking" - (I think that's what they call it)your Blog for a while. I'm a friend of "Trail Runner Con Dios" and also have an interest in Ultra running one day..

I've just started by own Blog which I never thought I would do. I usually keep my thoughts to myself. Yet, I can see how helpful Bogging is within a community; sharing thoughts and ideas..kinda cool.

Have a fantastic 44th and enjoy your run!