Saturday, March 24, 2007

I don't think Rocky found this funny, since he's two dogs long and a half a dog high.......I love my little Doxie mix. He may not look fast but he can sure bust out some 10 min. miles.
I ran after crossfit this morning. I got worked we did what's called "Fight gone bad". Check out for the details of this workout.
I met up with my friend Jerry who was running 20 miles. Ran with him for a bit. Went home came back out to run with Rocky & Jerry another 3.5 miles. Rocky did an awesome job pacing me..LOL...


Anonymous said...

WOW lucky girl....Your weather was too cool!!!!!
me i ran with my rain jacket and my beanie and also my pant....brrrrrr too cold!!!!!!
2 month start...really cool

Anonymous said...

that is such a cute and funny picture. i love that doxie.

Feminist Runner said...

That must be some fast leg turnover for such a short-legged wonder. How adorable!

Drew Holmes said...

that crossfit site is sweet and the videos of the exercises are great thanks, my trainer does a lot of this but costs a bunch so later i will be able to do this as a great resource, Thanks a ton.

RunBubbaRun said...

That's one fast doggie to keep up with you..

just wondering about the crossfit? has it helped out alot in your ultrarunning? How many times do you usually do it per week?

Catra said...

Hi Ju-
59 days! Let the count down begin!
Luv ya,

Catra said...

Hey Anon-
Thanks. I thought it was perfect to take his picture there.

Catra said...

Hey FR-
Yeah those poor little legs...He is so funny he really gets focused.

Catra said...

Hey Drew-
I really feel crossfit is the best workout for me. I didn't go for two months and I noticed a difference. I was so much stronger.
I will work my way back up. Two months before my 2,700 mile journey. I hope to be Fit as F**k by then.

Catra said...

Hi Runbub-

All my 100 mile times were faster when I was doing crossfit. I felt stronger at the end of each 100 too! The hills felt easy.
I'm going to be going 5 days a week maybe more. I'm getting ready for the PCT so I really need to be strong.
I suggest other Ultrarunners do it 3 times a week. You really don't want to take away from the running.
At this point I am even training with a 14 pound pack trying to run at least 40 miles a week with that.

I need to survive & be strong through the PCT.

Heather said...

you continue to amaze me - with both your physical and emotional energy. You go girl!