Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coming off the peak ;)
These legs where made for running....................
You create harmony by making choices that feel right to both mind and heart. Consider one choice you need to make today- no matter how insignificant- and make it harmoniously.


Snakebite said...

I "harmoniously" endorse those legs! Wowza!!! ;-)

Feminist Runner said...

Yeehaw, woman! Look at those legs!

kent said...

Having followed your blog for the last year it was a real treat to run into you on the trail this morning. Sounds like your run was fantastic too; it was a gorgeous day up there. Hope we bump into each other again. Cheers!


Catra said...

Ahhh....Thanks snakebite ;)

Catra said...

Hey Thanks FR

Catra said...

Hi Kent-
it was great meeting you! I ended up running a 10 mile loop.
I will run 20 tomorrow.
You will have to come run with me sometime.
I'm going to do a couple of training runs on Diablo next week. I will campout on Friday and Saturday night.
I will post it on my blog everyone is welcome.

Karen Travels said...

Found your blog today and I am in the process of reading the whole thing! I am in the beginning stages of running myself, and I love the outdoors, so your blog is very inspirational!


Karrun said...

Hey Catra! I checked out that skirt company and it sort of looks like they are out of skirts right now. I emailed them and my email came back to me undeliverable.

Heather said...

Hey there Karrun,
I'm the skirt lady - thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'll look in to why your email bounced???

In the meantime, if you're interested you can email me at heather at atalanta-athleticwear dot com (pulled apart to avoid spamming!)

Thanks Catra!
You rock!