Thursday, March 08, 2007

The root cause of all disease is a negative attitude about
taking care of yourself.

How do you define "taking care of yourself"?
Create a new self-care practice today.
Observe your comfort level when it
comes to being good to yourself.
Discomfort is a wise teacher.


Snakebite said...

Those are some HOT pics! ;-)

E-Speed said...

Just listed to your zen and the art interview. Very cool!

Mike said...

Cool look.

Listend to your radio interview from 2006 that's on the web. Very cool to hear you talk and describe your outlook. I'm really motivate to try to go over 100 in the SF One Day this year.

Hey Catra, you're obviously comfortable in your own skin and like people to look at it. What's the best way to see all of your tatts? 20 something, I believe.

Best - M

Whitney said...

Hey Catra-

I wanted to comment on that question you asked. I don't think I'll be pacing my dad. I can't run very far yet and I can't run as fast. So I think I'll be saving that for the near future. I'm going to start one of those "Run a Half Marathon in 12 Weeks!" programs. From the looks of it, I think it'll work out for me ;)

anyway, I also wanted to tell you how much I love your hair lol! I LOVE the colors! And your pants are really cool too ;)

Love Yah!

Anonymous said...

what's the link to your 2006 interview?

Jim said...

What kind of head phones work best for running?

Anonymous said...

do you have the link for randy's sister janelles nutri junkie blog, i used to read it all the time- thanks

RunBubbaRun said...

Hey Catra,

Just listened to the podcast interview from Brett (triathlon podcast) with you. Pretty awesome.

Will hopefully see you at running around McNaughton, running my 1st 50 miler there.

You got me thinking about 100 milers one day also.

WyoRunR said...

catra's 2006 interview


Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

Great pictures. Your positive attitude always inspires me. I need more positive people in my life.
Did you have a blog before this?
Just curious about your adventures before this blog.
Have a great day.

Rob said...

Avast ye land shark! Thats a mighty fine shirt!

WyoRunR said...


OK, now I get it. You are da bomb!

Checked out your photos from Oct 06...I knew your body was a art have seen more than just what's visible thru the front window.

Very cool.

Cheers to you!

Diana said...

I LOVE those pants!!!

willgotthardt said...

"The root cause of all disease is a negative attitude about
taking care of yourself".


Will G.

Drew Holmes said...

hey nice interview on zen and the art of triathlon with Brett. keep us posted on the pacific crest journey, i live a few miles from the trail in Oregon and would love to come out and run 10-20 miles with you guys.hard to coordinate for sure as I have hiked lots of the PCT and hard to set a time, have you read Ray Jardines book on speed hiking the PCT? good resource.