Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Me & Christine on Mission peak. Christine is a fellow blogger. It was the first time we ran together. I'm going to get her running 20 milers in no time ;)

Have a great day friends.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

You continue to motivate many people. Great Magazine Cover!


Kim said...

Great pic. The scenery behind you is so beautiful, it almost looks like a fake background!

Anonymous said...

If there were only trailgirls like Catra in NC.....sigh.....


Catra said...

Hi Rob-
Thanks so much!

Catra said...

Hi Kim-
That is actually Mt. Diablo in the background where I ran yeasterday.

Catra said...

Hey Matt-
Well once a year I'm in NC. But sad to say I won't be running Umstead this year.
Having had surgery and complications and taking time off of work. I just can't do it.
I need to work that week. Gotta save my money for the Pacific crest trail.

So if there were trailgirls like me in NC what would happen ;)

Herc Driver said...

Great Pic!!! (As always) :) Ash is doing great! He keeps Mommy and Daddy busy. I really think He's going to be a runner! :) I don't think He's going to be a Vegetarian any time soon though.... He HATES vegetables!! Ha ha!!



Anonymous said...

Are you still planning on doing the McNaughton 150?

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
Nice run on Diablo Tuesday.
I did 22 miles up there on Sunday on N. & S. Peaks. I'm up there every chance I get now. I'm surprised we haven't ran into each other yet.

Catra said...

Hey Aaron-
When I train on Diablo it's usually on a Friday. I like doing the 4 peaks it's around 31 miles.
I like starting out of Mitchelle canyon.
If I only have 6 hours I start from South Gate.
I will be out there Wed. all day.
Next friday I'm running the Ohlone 50k in reverse starting from Del Valle.
Saturday & Sunday I tend to run 20-40 miles on the Ohlone if I'm not racing.
I'm sure we will see each other out on the trails at some point.
Have a great rest of the week.

Catra said...

Hey Anon-
Yep, I will be at McNaughton park 150 miler. Why?

Catra said...

Are you running much.
Are you actually home for a while??
Ash I'm sure is getting big quick.
Hey at least you'll have a training partner when he gets older :)

willgotthardt said...

"Next friday I'm running the Ohlone 50k in reverse"

That must be hard on your heels?


(I'll be here all week)

Squirrel said...

Oh my I haveth no idea where to start. rock!! Not a runner here, just a cyclist whom digs ink. I'll be back, as I surfed here for an hour or more yesterday....your energy is awesome...I love it!!


moonpie said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the country! It's here in central OH feels like the moon compared to your surroundings.

Enjoyed your interview with Brett from It was fun "running with you" on the RR100!

Eudemus said...

Great pic and congrats to Christine. If anyone can help get someone over the 20-miler hump its you Catra!

Mike said...

Hey Catra,

I've done a couple of 50s and am thinking of doing the SF 24 hr run. I read on your blogs that you thought it was a good event.

What kind of food and drink did you consume during the 24 hrs? What are your thoughts about caffeine?

Appreciate your opinions...Thanks!

Catra said...

Hi Will-
You're always so funny.

Hey maybe next Friday you can run out to me & Julia. What time do you get off work???
We're starting late so we will finish in Fremont at 6pm.

BTW I think you ran into my Friend Julia out in Sunol/Rose Peak a few weeks ago.
She said there were some fast guys out there training. It had to be you and Ryan.

Catra said...


Hey Thanks for stopping by. Love your ink and thanks for putting a picture of me on your blog and linking me ;)

Do ever race in Calif.
I helped a friend at the Furnace creek 508 last year.
I want to get into Mt. biking but I will wait until after the PCT. Dont want to hurt myself.
I will pick your brain at some point.

Mike said...

...oh, one more question...

think it's possible to run a 100 without any tattoos? sure hope so.... :)

last question (really)...any guesses for how long it would take a guy to run 100 if 50 takes him 8.5 hrs?

thanks again for your thoughts - M

Catra said...

Hi Mike-
Depends on the course. I have run 50 miles in 8:30 and my fastest 100 is 22 hours.

What 100 are you planning on running.

I would not worry about your time for you first 100 if it a 30 hour course just tell yourself you will finish in under 30.
It will be a learning experiance. Just have fun ;)

Squirrel said...


Nope haven't been to the big Cali sister lives in San someday I'll boogie me butt out there. I've been racing cross county for 10+ years, this is me first year for the solo ultra endurance races. I'm thinking more bang for me buck:) Seems I've been doing this for so long I've got the nutricianal part dialed in, just have to work on the endurance strength. Teri and I are getting some more ink next week....stop by too see the photos.


WyoRunR said...

Catra -

Thanks for the thought about my first 100mi...I'm thinking of 'going for it' in the SF One Day in October. I've been struggling with plantar faciia for a couple of years and the trail runs get really agonizing when my arch gets sore (not willing to run with a steel shank in my shoe so that i can step on rocks!). Another thought is to run the 100 in Vermont.

I can run uphill all day, but haven't figured out how to get my quads in shape to handle the downhills on the long runs. I did the Zermatt marathon last summer and the few small downhill portions in the last 1/3 of the race destroyed me.

So, all that said, I thought the SF One Day would be a decent 'start'...With the short loop, it would help ensure i got enough fluids and calories -- I tend to be a knucklehead and never drink enough!

Thanks for your thoughts!!!


Catra said...

You and Teri get my vote for the coolest couple and your little girl is so cute.
For sure if you guys come to Cali. we should all hook up.