Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Me inside my Green Girl in 2004 after the JMT speed records.

PIMP'N MY RIDE....The green girl has to go :(
If any of you know anyone who is interested in this beauty she's going for $6,900
She has taken me to so many cool place's Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and every State park and National park in Cali.
She has been my hotel my diner and basically home on 4 wheels. She has taken me through so many seasons in Yosemite. She has waited so patiently for my safe return at many trailheads. She has paced me and met me at many aid stations during 100's never complaining with all my supplies.
She has been my shelter during a few of my 100+ mile b-day runs. When there where storms I would crawl in and wait. If I was to exhaused after running a 100 mile race, and driving home she knew that I should rest.
I would pull over and sleep so comfy in the back of her.
I always said sleeping in her was more comfortable then my bed.
She has been through it all a marriage a divorce. She was even there to take me to the clinic when I took my 40ft fall on El Cap.
She waiting for me in El Cap Meadow when I broke the speed records on the John Muir trail. She was there through it all. She even protected me during the night in Tahoe when a Bear sunk his teeth into her bumper.
I am sad that I have to let her go.
We were quite the team. I am actually sitting here crying as I type this.
She is going to help me in another way now. The money I get from her will fund my PCT journey. Even though she will be gone I will think of her always.
If anyone knows of someone looking for a great Vehicle here she is. She has 135,000 miles and is a 2001 she's in great condition. Please have them contact me at
Have a great day.


Journey to a Centum said...

Crikey she's a fine looking van. Good luck on your quest to sell the green beast that's served you so well. You should be able to get some extra bucks for the custom bear chomp on the bumper.

I'm an ultra runner getting ready for my first WS100. I'm not even close to being in your elite league of trail running but I have certainly been bit by the bug.

I'm on business in the Bay area and I got a chance today to check out the trailhead to Mission Peak today from the Stanford Av. parking area. I'm not going to get a chance to run the trail on this trip but I can see why you appreciate having this area so close to Freemont. I'd be up on the trail tonight but my wife and I are running the Yakima Marathon this coming Saturday and I'm actually trying to avoid hills this week as a part of my taper. For now I'm just putzing around Coyote Point over in San Mateo getting in a few miles in the mornings.

As my wife calls it I've been a lurker to your blog for some time. You are an inspiration if not just a little crazy:-) I'm still in awe of your four 100's in four weeks. If mental toughness alone could get you to the top of the highest peak in the world I think you would be standing there right now.

Stay healthy Dirt Diva

Ironrav said...


Sad to see her go? I would indeed. I just picked up a nice one of those compact SUV's here in the UK (Freelander 2)... best thing I ever bought. Looking for a name now... hmmmm