Saturday, March 03, 2007

me and julia
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Girls, beautiful life is beautiful!!!!!
this is my wisdom day ;)
Love Ya Ju.

Catra said...

Hi Julien-

Thanks my friend :)
Much love.

eric said...

hey you,

was at sports basement the other day and saw you on the cover of adventure/sports march april issue. lookin good! lets go dancin/runnin soon. e

Catra said...

Hey Eric-
How funny I was totally thinking of you when I was driving home tonight from work.
I have stuff going on next week but let's hook up the following week and go to The Blank club.
I miss you!
I hope you well.
So did you put my picture up above your bed??? LOL ;)
I will call you soon.

Eudemus said...

Great picture Catra! I was up on the peak yesterday afternoon/evening. It was an absolutely amazing day! I hope the two of you had a great time.