Thursday, March 01, 2007

Discern the truth......

The problem with
making assumptions is that
we believe they are the truth.
We make an assumption,
we misunderstand, we take it
personally, then we react
by sending emotional
poison with our word.
This creates a whole big
drama for nothing.

Me & Julia out on a 9 mile hike today.
It was cold on the top. Brrrr....
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Eudemus said...

I love the story the last three pics seem to tell...

First, dressed semi-warm for the start of the hike.

Then, stripped down after working hard to get to the top.

Finally, damn its cold up here...we better bundle up!

I've run and biked to the top more times than I can count, but have only ever hiked it once. It was early morning on New Years Day a few years back and I went up to catch the first sunrise of the new year. The trail was nearly empty and I remember really enjoying having it to myself and taking my time getting to the top (for once).

Hope you guys had a great hike!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Nice hike, Nice hikers, Nice, Nice Nice.

How do you feel the recovery from this will affect the Umstead race?

I ask as I am going to take a week and a half out to Utah (end of March) to get lost for a while. It looks like you have been doing much more that I plan to do. Maybe a three-day fast pack and much rock sitting.

Catra said...

Hi Rob-

I decided to withdraw from Umstead 100. I had to be out of work an extra 11 days. I'm not rich and don't have a sugar daddy yet, so I need to work and make money since I will be on the PCT for three months.
I won't be making money and have bills to pay while I'm out on the trail.
Not running Umstead will save me $600 dollars and I won't be lossing money by not working. I'm trying to save my vactions hours to use when I'm on the PCT.

Catra said...

Hey Steve-

I get to start running tomorrow. I'm super happy. I have to still take it easy though.
I need to be careful so I don't end up with any more complications.

willgotthardt said...


You could have killed two birds with one stone by having Dr. Zandi install the size 36(oz) Camelbak bladders.


King's Mountain Half-Marathon (Huddart Park, Woodside) for me tomorrow.

Will G.

Anonymous said...

Discern the truth ...

and along those lines.

you can doubt anything
if you think about it long enough
cuz what happened always adjusts
to fit what happened after that

- ani difranco

Eudemus said...

Catra, congrats on being able to return to running. You should definitely "take it easy" though. Are you sure you understand what these words mean? ;-)


JeffO said...

Glad you can start running again.
I just gave a pint of my very best "Old #47" whole blood yesterday. I can still run, but it'll be 8 wks before I'm back the way I was.
I'm glad I don't have you two ahead of me on the trail. I'd be trying to keep up - and killing myself in the process! You're awesome - both. Keep inspiring me to stay out on the trails.
You and your friend look awesome, but it's what you do that keeps me coming back. You're a fantastic soul, Catra.

olga said...

Catra, you look AWESOME! Glad you can run again tomorrow, and wow! Well, I'll hold my comments till i see you:) make sure to give your PCT schedule, I want to come by in OR!!!

Ryan said...

What a view! Great pics of your hike! Looks like you girls were having fun!

How is the PCT planning coming along? I'm very interested to hear more about it, what type of gear will you be using? How are you carrying food/water? If I lived closer by I would certainly come out to support you! Good luck with all the preparations

I hope the recovery continues to go well and that you'll be back to running long soon!
Have a fun weekend!

Catra said...

hi steve-
don't worry I took it easy only 10 miles today. I'm so happy I can run :)

Catra said...

Hi Olga-
Thanks. I had some issues with people making negative comments.
I know you're happy for me.
Luv Ya,

olga said...

Are you kidding me??!! Of course I am happy for you! You are awesome, you are passionate to trails, running and love for people, you got a zest I am in search right now, and I always love you!