Sunday, May 17, 2009

Make a Commitment

The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help that would never otherwise have occurred. W. H. Murray
The Happy group getting ready for some fun running through Hell and back! right to left me, Julia Kevin, Jerry, Ben and Mike.
I'm just going to write something short now but will post more pics. and report later.
We all had issues out there it was the first super hot day of the year. We all drank tons but still got dehydrated so really didn't drink enough.
Most important thing to do is wet your head and body down and each stream or water source when it's hot! It really makes you feel cool.
We all suffered at some point.
me out of it on the way back had to wet the bandanna and drape it over my head.

I was fine most of the way but the last 7 miles was pure hell until I got to backpackers camp. We all ran out of water and I was really over heated and felt light headed at times. I wet my body down and we sat for a while and felt better. Ben and Kevin took off on there own on the way back and got lost and missed the water so both of them were having major issues.
Remember take of yourself and each other out on the trails in the heat, it can be dangerous if you're not acclimated to it.
still out of it, but almost done!
Got ice from the rangers and cold water and felt 100 % better. Happy we made it ;)


Tangee said...

It looks like fun!

Alaskan Assassin said...

I would have died out there. I did a long run up here today and it was only 60 degrees but I still had to splash myself with glacier runoff to stay cool.

Glad you were okay.

CoyoteGirl said...

It WAS a hot one! I ran over on the other side of the bay in the redwoods. Looks like y'all had a great run.

Love your nature shots in the previous post.

Looney said...

Nice to see y'all had a good time up there. I went by you just as you were headed down to the spring below Rose Peak on Saturday. Too bad I didn't wait and get a picture of the whole group. Oh, to be as thin as the rest of you so I could join you on a run!

PunkRockRunner said...

This was a crazy hot weekend. I participated in a 100-mile bike ride on Saturday (over 100 degrees) and a half marathon on Sunday morning (over 80 by 9:00 AM). Felt dehydrated all Saturday night.

The hard days are the ones you remember most and you ROCKED it AGAIN!!

Great job!