Saturday, February 23, 2008

The call of destiny is strong, so follow what you know to be right and true. If you ask the universe for help, inspiration or guidance be assured that it will be supplied. Persevere with the sure knowledge that what will ultimately transpire will be, not only as good as you think, but will in fact be much better than expected. Have faith in the future, your long-term goals will surely be fulfilled. Remember though that it is the power of commitment that makes it so, not just idly wishing. © Stephen Haynes
Practicing the pose method on my run.
Finally my arm is done...Woo Hoo
Michelle Peot and Me on Melrose


Who is SLB+? said...

Dang, didn't know you were at DK's movie, I would have said hi!

Movie was great, don't you think?

CubicleGirl said...

Where did you meet Dean!?
Did he feel somewhat intimidated standing next to another totally ripped uber-distance runner?

JeffO said...

Did you catch Dean right after work? Or is that his new running-suit?
Great photos.

Michelle said...

ROck on to finishing up your sleeve, soon mine will be done so I can move onto my backpiece.

We are on our 2nd day of crossfit style workouts. I have been studying the videos like mad, and been doing them at our gym(its a crappy gym)and am loving the style.

reminds me of my power liofting days, but way better style for me.

Wendy B., Memphis, TN said...

wow, I just stumbled across your blog today while searching bloglines for trail running blogs. You are absolutely amazing in what you do and you are so beautiful too! I spent the afternoon reading your archives in hopes of finding a "How this all started" post. If I missed it please let me know. You mention many occurrences in your life that were obvious catalysts that have directed you to where you are now. Specifically, I want to know how the ultra running come about- I dream of trail running and am fascinated by the motivation and determination of ultra runners. Did you do marathons first? Start with 5K's? - how did you focus and stay motivated? Again, you are just amazing and I look forward to following your blog. Also, you too are blessed to be so physically healthy and able to run hundreds of miles at a time. You are obviously as mentally strong as you are physically. Take care and happy running! PS - Rocky is adorable!

Mr. Mirek said...

Oh wow! Catra and two favorite ultra-marathoners! still lovin' your page Catra! Thanks for sharing all your wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Hola from Olympia, WA!
Great site! You-all have got me back into running! (wai too long on two wheels =)
Say "Hi" to Michi for me, she is such a sweetheart & was good to me when we were kids. Ever in WA, say Hi!

Anonymous said...

Dirt Diva,

I am a runner as well - but my body does NOT look like your. You're incredible!
Love your tats, your take, and your firends. I'm trying to get in touch with Michi Peot. Old friend of hers. Anyway you could send her my email?

Brian Herting