Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm loving the weather. It has been beautiful here the past couple days.
So I have been being a bad Mommy to my little Rocky. Today I did crossfit wod at home. I did 150 wall balls 5 min. I was going to run 2 hours but decided to run with Rocky for two hours. It was more of a run 1 hour, walk 1 hour, but I go at his pace. On our walk an off leash big dog ,ran after Rocky and Rocky stood his ground he and bit the dog. He didn't hurt the dog, but it sure was afraid of Rocky. He's a tough little man.
Going to SoCal Thursday ,looking forward to my running and endurance crossfit cert. and hanging with Andy. Also looking forward to seeing all my friends at OC 100k. I will be at the start to cheer everyone on. hey any bloggers that live in the area get a hold of me if you wanna run Friday. I will run Mt. Wilson trail to Chantry flats and back it's around 23 miles. I wanna start at 10am.

Bikini season is here, and crossfit wods have made me in top shape to feel good in my bikini.
The Rock star...Gotta love him he's so cute
Rocky & me!!!
Ok this song reminds me of being on drugs, I still love this band My life with the thrill kill kult. Partyed with this band a few times they even bought speed from my X. His band opened for them twice.
When I here this song I think back to how I use to be, and am happy where I am. Clean and sober

“A Daisy Chain 4 Satan” "I live for drugs."That's great." "I freaked out very very badly." "I freaked out on acid." "That's great." "I'm the white rabbit."Here where I sit alone lost Here I will dream, why Give me a drink, I need a think now I gotta rip my stinking brain "My friends turn me on." "I could never afford it, I would never buy drugs." "I live for drugs." "That's great.""I'm the white rabbit."Black boots, highway broads Dope forever, forever loaded Black boots "I freaked out on acid." "I'm the white rabbit."Here where I sit alone lost Here I will dream, why Give me a drink, I need a think nowI gotta rip my stinking brain "I freaked out very very badly." "I freaked out on acid." "I'm the white rabbit"Joan? Joan? Bitch! I'm gonna find her, and I'm gonna kill her!"


Michelle said...

Clean and sober is the best isnt it? I agree.

Rocky is a tough little guy, and quite the handsome one to boot.

It has been beautiful and I had some gorgous runs this past weekend along the american river...

now I am trying to beat down one harsh ass sinus/ head cold...I have no oxygen going to my brain!!!

Jessica Deline said...

There's about a half dozen runners from the OC trail runners doing Mt Wilson on Saturday for 24+ miles starting at Chantry Flats. I'll be in SB myself this weekend.

The weather all around has been awesome!

Anonymous said...

give Rocky a big hug for me ribbett. cheers.

nrmrvrk said...

Christian Zombie Vampires... I am the father. The father of nothing.

I used to be a big fan of TKK. Lords of Acid, and KMFDM too. Good times.

Stevo said...

too bad you missed the original "White Rabbit"... Alice and Grace Slick and the "Airplane"... LSD... aka "acid", was so much different. Made you want to grow up... Stevo...

Catra said...

I know it's you Nosaj TTonk, who else would always leave the ribbet clue. Even though we were drugged out of our minds I still had fun with you ,and you are a huge part of who I am today. I will always love you my friend. You truned Me on to TKK, amd I still think of you when I hear their music blasting on my mp3 in a hundred miler.
Love ya,
Artac ttebroc
Give your

Catra said...

Hi Micheel I was sick too. Take care of yourself.
Two more weekends and I will be back around so hopefully we can do some training on a weekend on the Ohlone course.

Catra said...

Hey Jess-
I can't run Saturday or Sunday I will be at the running and endurance crossfit cert. at Brian McKenzies place.

You and your GF look so cute together. I hope to see you again soon.

Catra said...

I love all those bands still. I love hearing them late at night in a hundred ,it totally modivates me, makes me feel like I'm at a club. Only the club is not a building it's my trail that I'm running on.

Jane said...

I lurve your dog. He's so cute.

RBR said...

I am in no way hard core enough to post here, but at 16 years, 10 months, and 14 days clean and sober (can you tell I have a birthday coming up?) I had to give a shout out. (sorry about the "shout out", it mortifies the 15 year olds I teach which greatly amuses me. Sometimes it slips into my real life)

As for the rest of "you", I am in awe. Thank you for the inspiration.