Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wisdom card down below. It's called the Sun card and it's the third time I have pulled it in the past few weeks.
I need to figure out what it really means.
Today we did fran at crossfit. the workout is
21-15-9 ..Thrusters & pull-ups for time. I did it in 7:10. I used a 33 pound bar and band assested pull-ps. My shoulder was really messed up during Rocky Raccoon 100, same injury from HURT 100k. I got a massage tonight from my therapist David and I feel much better.
Got my hair colored today from Julia. Oh btw she got into Wasatch..WOO HOO.

Sometimes I do wish there were two of me so I could do so much more...LOL!!!!
I’m sure you have heard the expression, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. How true that is right now so do not judge conditions by their appearance. New opportunities, new possibilities, or possibly a second chance, are just around the corner. All things are cyclical and evolutionary, just like the caterpillar turns to a chrysalis, so the chrysalis becomes the butterfly - each serving its purpose, each part of the other, so understand our own lives also operate in this evolutionary or metamorphic way. Keep an open mind and the truth will be clear, you will be shown the way. © Stephen Haynes


Alan said...

Two of you?!!! That would could cover every Ultra in North America and then some.

Color looks great. I also got into Wasatch - so I think I'll look up Julia. Maybe she can add some color to my hair....scalp....whatever.

Who is SLB+? said...

Woo hoo shocking pink!

Karrun said...

I love the color also! Was wondering - to get such wonderful brilliance - do you use henna? I've been using it for the 'natural' aspects of it and have been experimenting with mixes. The last time I used red on my graying brown hair and had great wine red highlights!

hao said...

hi catra,

a belated congratulations on finishing rr100! and doing cross fit workouts the day after rr? you are amazing. hope to see you at mission peak some time soon.



Jonah said...

Hey, I just saw your name in Trailrunner Magazine #50 (twice on p. 8)...