Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I love the wisdom card I picked today. It's dead on!!!!
I got to go climbing a city beach across from where I work. Since I work at REI we get to go for free. Tuesday & Thursdays everyone goes. I forgot how much I missed it, well not climbing indoors but the movement and the thought that goes into climbing. I enjoy the challenge and feeling of making it to the top.
Can't wait for the weather to get nice and go to Yosemite and get out on the real rock.
Of course I climbed with my camera had to take a picture of me climbing 5.10, it wasn't easy. I climbed one 5.6 route then stright up to 5.10. The rest of the time I climbed 5.8's
Making my move.
I also miss slacklining my x was amazing at this, slacklining 2,000ft above the ground it's called a highline when it's way up high. I of course needed my cute nephew Aaron to help his aunt. Yep, that's my 19 year old nephew Aaron. He is an amazing guy.
Me racing Aaron up the wall of course I had to kick his ass. He was on 5.6 and I was on a 5.9. I'm looking a little stuck, just for a second.
That's Scott REI employee belaying me. It was funning I totally forgot how to tie a figure 8 and how to loop it through my harness. I had a gri gri and none of the guys ever used one so I was a little scared having Scott lower me with it. It was fine though.

Release your worries and your cares, just let go as if you had no idea of what might or could happen. Don’t hang onto the idea of loss or failure because, if you let go of all you think you want, want will be replaced by true happiness. What you need will be given or will manifest itself, even though it is unlikely to come in the form you think it should. All mistakes are eventually corrected as the universe takes a hand in your affairs. ©Stephen Haynes

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Hey!! Looks like You're having a great time!! I haven't climbed in ages and I really miss it!! Cool you work at REI! Can't wait for the dividends to come out this month!! It'll be a big one.... ;)

You're looking hot Catra, and it's ok for me to say that, because my Wife agrees.... Ha ha!!!