Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year to all you beautiful people.
Me getting ready for a 10 miler before crossfit. Bad move on my part. The Filthy Fifty needs your total attention, it's a ass kicker.
I went into the wod tired and came out on top with a pr by 1 min.

Posing before my 10 miler on the Alameda creek trail.
I am a runner and I can fly.
Still flying along the trail.
Beautiful day.
Ok I know what your thinking this looks a little sexual. The look on my face, my boobs pushed out, and Eric from behind..LOL...
Actually it's the 7pm Olympic lifting class. Eric coaching me through my squats and really making me work on my form.
I must admit it's not the most attractive picture of me, but it sure makes me look tough.

check out http://crossfitoneworld.com for the WOD each day.


KatieGirlBlue said...

I was just sitting here trying to work up the motvation for a morning run. I was trying to justify skipping it, even though I know it will make me feel great, and after reading your entry, I'm excited to get right out there. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Wow, two wheels on the bar, not bad! A lot of guys would struggle to get that weight up (OK, really out-of-shape guys). I'll always give someone a spot at the gym EXCEPT when its a guy doing squats... but I'll spot you anytime Catra, LOL! ;)

Happy new year,


Michelle said...

I LOVE the pic of him spotting you while you hit the squats, hahaha you are a stud.

I did squats and deadlifts yeterday woo!

We want to head up to mission peak in a couple of weeks, I will let you know;)

Catra said...

Hey Katiegirl-
Glad I inspired you to get out there today. Have a beautiful day.

Catra said...

Hey Jay-
I would let you spot me anytime ;)

Catra said...

Hey Michelle just let me know. I'm leaving on Jan.16-22 will be in Hawaii for HURT 100.
So hopefully you will come when I'm around.
I really like doing the olympic lifting a couple times a week. I think it will help this year when I get back on the PCT. I hoped to be much stronger.

Shari Baby said...

115 - was that a max effort back squat lift ? Or max 3 rep ? Or max 5 rep ? CrossFitters want to know :)Good job....yup, CrossFit can look a little sexual at times.

Catra said...

I ended up doing a max of 120.
It was only the second time I have did the total where you do the max of deads ,press and squats.
I'm hoping to get stronger for the Pacific crest trail this year.
So I think doing the lifts a couple times a week will be good.
Yes, Freddy told all about the new place, he also told me you said hi.
I will round up a few other oneworld crossfitters and stop by sson to check out the place.

Jen said...

Awesome stuff! Have you done a CF total yet? I bet you would rock it!

Ariel said...

Hi Catra!
I am sorry for this dumb question...does WOD stand for Workout of the Day or something like that? I am getting ready to join a Crossfit group where I live but just wondered about this terminology.

Caren said...

Are you kidding me? That's a kickass picture of you! Look at those hammies - you look great!

Catra said...

Hi Jen-
That was my second time doing it in the picture. I'm going to try and do it once a week.

Catra said...

Hey Ariel-
Yes, it means work out of the day.
Your going to love crossfit it's awesome.
Crossfit is super challenging but oh so rewarding.

Jeffrey said...

Way to go catra!
I havn't worked up the guts to try the WODs yet. I'm starting the master cleanse tomorrow so I doubt I'll have the energy. lol. When I'm through I'm gonna go for it.
Once again you inspire!

Happy New Year!

Josh said...

Nice Job on the PR! I got tired just watching the Filthy Fifty video on the CF website today, lol. It looks like a real bitch! Burpees, box jumps and lunges oh my. I'm going to my first official Cross Fit class tomorrow (been doing it alone at the gym for a couple weeks.) I can't wait!

Jen said...

Carta, would you consider doing a guest blog post on my blog? I would love to have you talk about Trail running and CF how to do them both. I get a lot of questions about endurance sports and how to use CF in the training.
Take a peek at some of my latest guests.
Whatever your answer..it's all good!

Catra said...

Jen OF COURSE!!! I would love to! Here's my email catrarunner@yahoo.com
Would love to tell about my specific training I am doing at crossfit and with running to get me fit enough to smash the woman's record on the Pacific crest trail 2,700 miles. I believe I will do it this time with my back to back training sessions of running and crossfit.
What almost kills you will make you stronger.
Jen you are an insipration to all woman.
Hey not sure if you get crossfit publication. But Jolie Gentery(sp?) is featured she is one of my trainers.
I'm getting level 1 cert. in March.