Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy 5000 meter rower. I did it in 26:26. I am on the master cleanse, I think if I wasn'nt cleansing my time would be faster. I will push myself and go for it again when I'm off the cleanse.
Happy rower girl.
The real reason I go to crossfit, it's because of the sexy guys that go. LOL...
My idol. If you watched the series Everest beyond the limits the last two years you know this guy. Tim Medvetz he attempt a summit in 2006 but got turned around very close to the top. Last year he made it up. On the climb he broke his hand and climbed Everest with a broken hand(one hand). He is bad ass. This guy has more metal in his body then I have peircings. He is a big guy and everyone said he was to big to climb Everest. Tim showed them.
I'm hoping climb San Jacinto peak in March with Tim. We'll see.

thanks for the email catra i've been getting thousands of emails so takin a while to get through em but just wanted to say hey and thanks for emailin me ultra marathons fuckin unreal i think your my new super hero and i think its great that your going to go to everest being prepared smart i took about five years to prepare for everest alot of climbing in nepal,argentina,washington,cali nothing worse than getting stuck behind a scared inexperienced climber at 27,000 ft look me up if your ever down in la i hate typing good luck on the training and thanks for writing those things later tim


Ariel said...

Hi Catra!
Thanx for letting me know what WOD stood for :-) I am joining a Crossfit in North Georgia. For a mountain town there are a ton of fitness freaks around here which I love. The crossfit here uses kettlebells which I had never heard of before. Do you use them?

Catra said...

Hi Ariel-
You're going to love it!
I did my row today but I will go back and do the prescribed wod for the day at 4pm.
Yes we use kettlebells in some of our wods. They are a weighted ball with a handle you swing and press with. The are awesome for upper body workouts.
Crossfit is one of the best things you can do for your body.
Let me know how you like it.


Hey Catra!!! My Wife and I are sooo addicted to that show!!! It made want to become an ER Doctor and work at base camp!!! :) Keep on running! I'm heading down to Okinawa today. I'll try to get some good pics!!



Anonymous said...

tim lays it all out. he talk about all the climbing he did for 5 yrs to get ready for the big one.

oh, sure, you can monkey around at crossfit and do ultras but you have to climb high and climb often or going to Everest will be a huge waste of time and money. you will get spanked.

living at altitude, in the cold and snow 24/7 for days. you need to start doing that and get away from life near sea level.

rather than ultras maybe you need to start knocking out the highest peaks in north america carrying a loaded pack, during winter, and other harsh conditions. learn how to do #2 in a bag and carry out all your trash, etc.

don't get me wrong, ultras are tough but they are not the same as climbing all day long with thin air.

Who is SLB+? said...

Great job on the rowing.

As for Tim Medvetz, yes he summited and yes he got away with it...but it could have gone bad, real bad and he could have cost the lives of not only himself but his guide and sherpa just to satisfy his ego! He is a big guy and he worked hard, no doubt, but if Russel knew what was going on he would have most likely been turned around, would he have listened...only Tim can answer that.

Jack said...

A little off-topic here but did you know your name popped up in the latest Trailrunner mag. It's a pretty cool article about women runners. If you haven't already you should check it out. It's a good article.

guyjames said...

Following Tims adventure up Everest was awesome! Shows that heart and spirit can overcome physical adversity anytime. You and your blog are an inspiration to those of us who sometimes get to friendly with the couch. Keep on keepin on!


Nick said...

Can you tell me more about the Master Cleanse? I have been sick for quite a while, and get headaches almost everyday. Being a runner this makes it really hard.

Check out my blog if you can and respond there.
I would appreciate your help.