Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Crossfit at home. That's what I love about crossfit you can do it anywhere.
The 9am class was canceled today and my back was to sore this morning at 5:30am when my alarm went off. I decided not to go at 6:30 and modify the wod with a run instead of row.

I ran 600 meters, 25, box jumps and 25 squats 5 rounds for time. 20:22
What my sister Patty doesn't know won't hurt her..SHHH..I'm doing my box jumps on her coffee table..Well at least I didn't use the glass table, that could of been dangerous. It was very sturdy. Don't worry I'm ordering a box of my own.
Air squats. I think my form is good it could be better though. I'm working on it.

I signed up for the Crossfit running & Endurance sports training cert. which will be in Newport beach, at fellow Ultrarunner/crossfit instrutor Brian MeKenzie & his wife Melissa's studio. I'm looking forward to getting that cert. Brian will also me running circles with me at HURT 100 in Hawaii ,next week. Fun times. Looking forward to seeing him and Melissa. I'm also looking forward to checking out crossfit Oahu, and getting my daily dose of pain while I'm there.

don't forget to check out the Fremont Fat ass 50k blog at http://fremontfatass50k.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Great job! I did a 20-minute version of "Chelsea" a few days ago, and my quads are still sore from the 300 air squats. Keep it up.

Neal J. from VA

Rob said...

Damn, I REALLY need to get a box for box jump practice.... We used to have a coffee table like that. I do remember using it as an impromptu step stool a few times, but I'm also a fair ton heavier than you.

Great photo's on the jump and the squats.

Catra said...

Hey Neal thanks! Yeah 300 air squats you will feel the burn..LOL.

Catra said...

Hey Rob-
Thanks! My crossfit trainer Freddy made all the boxes at our gym. I think I will attempt to make my own can't be that hard ;)
Well it might be for me.
I went on line and the medal ones they use for crossfit were over 200 bucks.
Thanks for the comments.

Christopher Stroud said...

Catra - I have a Article from the Crossfit journal that gives the schematics for those boxes. Let me know if you want it and i'll print them for you.

Catra said...

Hey Chris I would love you forever if you could print them up and bring them to crossfit. I will be there at 9am tomorrow & Friday and 8am Saturday.
Thanks so much

Rob said...

Ouch, frickin $200 bucks??? Jeez!

Making your own shouldn't be too bad, if you have some carpentry skills or can borrow someone who does.

I know Home Despot also used to make wood cuts if you asked them too, but its been a while.

Shari Baby said...

I'll be there too!!! We'll get to hang out.....my kids will be comeing and my man as well...are you driving, or flying ? Hotel ?

Shari Baby said...

Are you driving or flying ?

Catra said...

Hi Shari-
I haven't booked a room yet or flight. I would like to share a place with someone so I don't have to pay the whole cost of a room.

That's so cool you guys are going. I will see Brian and his wife in Hawaii next week, he too is running HURT 100 miler.


Shari Baby said...

Wanna share a room with me and the kids or something ? e mail me at sharibaby2@netzero.com....that would b cool :)

Mr. Mirek said...

hmmm...box jumps on a coffee table. never gave that one a thought. i think i'd break my neck at home doing that. glad to see that you didn't.