Sunday, May 13, 2007

Me & Julien on our overnight fastpack along the Ohlone trail.
We did 29 miles and had a blast. It was super windy at camp just below Mission Peak last night. This was the first time Julien has did an overnight fast pack. He did great.
Getting ready to climb the switch backs up Horse Heaven trail.
Canyon View trail just above the Ohlone road/Little Yosemite area.
Not much water flowing in little Yosemite it's really a dry year.
This morning on the top of Mission Peak. I'm going to miss
This place when I'm gone.


Gripperm said...

Man the scenery is just outstanding!

Catra said...

Hey G wait to you see the pictures along the PCT...You're going to love those.

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
Yeah, you guys have fun together.
Good ice breaker for now.
Well see 50 days in will do to you to.

Anonymous said...

Diva, I still can't figure out your gear. It seems like you are wearing a different pack everytime! Hahaha...I have at least 6 backpacks and 4 hippacks myself so I know how that goes!

Concerning your tick saga; I use this stuff:

If nothing else, treat your socks...

Catra said...

Hey Anon-
This week I will lay out my stuff and write up my gear list.
Ok, I finial have the pack situation down. My trusty Gregory advent pro I will use along with a Gregory waist pack that I wear in the front. The reason for two is so i can carry more water. I can carry 2, 24 oz and then 2, 24 oz on the side of my Gregory backpack and my Hydration bladder is 100 oz.
I'll need a lot of water in the Southern sections.
The waist pack has a pouch so I can put my days lunch & snacks in it.
It worked out great so that's the pack set up.

Anonymous said...

See, even crusty old fasthikers like me can learn a new trick or two. I like the concept of using your waistbag backwards! A normal bottle holder slipped over the waistband is okay, but not great. I 've been trying to solve the snack storage problem, too. I've used the GoLite chest pouch that slips over the chest strap but it doesn't hold much gruel. It is flat so not much volume.

I will give it a try when I am out doing my faster/lighter pack run session in a couple of days. If it works out, I'll use that on my long heavypack run/walks during the weekend.

I stripped back to 4x 20oz bottles myself and use empty gatorade bottles. Just one concession to save a bit of weight. Probably an ounce or more per bottle when compared to normal bottles we use for running. The downside is you can't easily sip on the run like with running bottles.

Let's hope for some decent rains before you take off so you might find some unexpected water sources and hopefully keep the southern Cal fires down. Kick butt!

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot. I know how you like skirt-like clothes to run in. here is a rain skirt for you

man-creatures use them, too. easy on and off, easy to take care of nature business.


GB said...

Catra I drove past Mission Peak yesterday to and from San Jose, and I thought about you up there on those trails! I GOT JEALOUS! One of these days I'm going to run up there with you, and of course you'll kick my butt, but that'll be just what I need!

I bookmarked you PCT Blog and can't wait to read it while you're on your adventure!

Catra said...

Hey GB-
Me kick your butt, I don't think so I saw your Boston time....You will be the one giving me a workout.
For sure when I get back from my little 2 Country & 3 States tour let's get together.
Thanks for wanting to follow along.

David J said...

Hi Catra,
I hope you don't mind I have mentioned you on my blog and posted one of your images. I will remove it immediately if you disapprove.