Monday, May 21, 2007

Good job runner's, looking good...Have Fun!!!!
I was sad that I wasn't running the race. So I felt that if I could be a part of it by at least running to the top, and checking the course markings before the race, it would make me feel better. And you know what ,it did.
I know I brought a smile to many of the runner's faces just by being there.
Standing in the cold, holding a sign & jumping up and down, cheering on all my friends.
Me and Julien trying to stay warm at the top. This is the warm spot where we are at. We waited there just trying to keep warm until the runners started coming.
We hung out at the top and I watched and was so thrilled, that so many people were getting to enjoy my favorite place & peak. We stayed there until the sweeps came and then left to finish our resupply drops.

Me with the last of our supply drops. We got a lot done it took 5 hours but they are almost ready to roll. Just waiting for Julien to add his energy bars. if they don't arrive tomorrow from France he will go out and buy some. All we have to do is label them.
I went home got ready and came back with Rocky to the finish. We had a good time watching our friends finish. There were quite a few virgins running this year, you all did great. Will G. awesome job on your first ultra. Don't go beating yourself up over your time. You did great! There are so many ultras to run and I think you should do another 50k this year. This was just a learning experience.

Me & my two favorite guy friends. Left- Mike Palmer( great come back after not running for awhile). Right- Fast Jerry( You Rock) Jerry shows us being over 60 you can get faster.


Norbert said...

it was real nice of you being up there. Indeed you caused a smile on my face! Thanks for coming!

Norbert said...

it was real nice of you being up there and cheer us on. Indeed, yo have aused a smile on our faces.
Thanks for coming!

Eudemus said...

Catra, it's cool that you were able to be a part of the race even if you had to cancel your original plans. I had an all day commitment on Sunday so the best I could do was to look up at the peak while heading out and think about all the runners.
It is amazing what you and Julien are doing. I can't wait to follow you progress. Good luck and have an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

catra, thanks for coming out there! i didn't get to wish you luck on your PCT quest, but wanted to say best of luck and i'll be reading your new blog! mission peak is so beautiful... you are blessed to live in such an amazing location!


willgotthardt said...


Good to see/talk with you both at the MP summit and at the post race bar-b-q.

Not disappointed in my effort at all, it was just a tough day on a bad wheel (and I guess it was a bit unexpected, as I thought I had managed to have the knee healed up in time, but it just wasn't so, evident on the first descent off the MP summit). A struggle, but a fun, rewarding day.

Thanks for your words/cheers of support, all the best to both you & Julien on your PCT journey.

Cheers, Will G.

mer said...

Catra The Amazing!

Good vibes for a safe and glorious adventure ~ the babies and i will follow along on the blog. We will be eagerly awaiting Jerry's posts on your progress :0

~*Savor Every Second Of The Journey*~

Byebye and i will be training hard for Firetrails 50 while you are away.


Whitney said...

Hey Catra!

I forgot to tell you in the message on myspace that we have the same shoes now too lol! Mine a black and white though =[ close enough!

Take Care!

Catra said...

Hi Will-
It was so great seeing you. Great job once again.
Hey do you drive a goldish Truck???
I think I saw you today making a right from the freeway onto Farwell.
If it wasn't you it must of been your cute dopleganger ;)

Catra said...

hey norbert-
Ahhh thanks. Awesome job. Glad you all got to run in my playground.

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
I really felt I needed to make time to be out there. I need to draw the energy from Mission peak & all the runners.
Thanks. I will have an awesome time.

Catra said...

Hey Mer-

I might be at FT 50 this year.
Good luck with your training and have fun this Summer.

Catra said...

Hey Janet-
Thanks so much.
Have fun training this Summer while I'm gone.